Bricking It – Nick Spalding

“It’s Pat The Cow, she’s Pat The Cow, If you’re in trouble, she’ll come right now. She catches thieves, she catches thugs, She’ll tell your dad if you grow drugs.” 
― Nick Spalding, Bricking It

Siblings Dan and Haley Daley arrive at the mysterious cottage left to them by their grandmother only to discover a cottage in ruins. Thus starts the story of ‘Bricking It’ as they undertake the monumental task or renovating and restoring the cottage to make a quick profit. The story is of course accompanied by what can only be described as a quirky architect, a colourful team of builders and a mysterious cow. If that wasn’t enough its also going to be filmed for T.V some parts also just happen to be live.

Having read Fat Chance by Nick Spalding I did have some idea of the kind of crass humour that would be included throughout the book and there was definitely no shortage of it. With any book that includes renovations there is no shortage of accidents, disasters and general mishaps that can and maybe more importantly will go wrong. This book is no exception. The events go from ‘Yea that could happen to me’ to ‘What on earth did I just read.’ While that lead to a certain level of unpredictability for the book I felt that I was not able to relate as much due to the unbelievable nature of what was going on. The characters themselves were rather bland, and the humour could of been dialled back a bit as some things felt they had only been included for the sake of it.  The ending itself was quite predictable and once again not one I really enjoyed as it was just a bit too ‘out there’. Saying that I did get a few genuine laughs throughout the book.

Rating: 6.5/10

Would I read again: No. 

Would I Recommend: Not to everyone

Would I read another book from this author: Yes, I did like Fat Chance and with the right story I think this particular brand of writing would be better received.



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