Book Review: The Sixth Window by Rachel Abbott

“In the case of suicide, all those close to the deceased would feel the weight of guilt, whether it was deserved or not.” 
― Rachel Abbott, The Sixth Window

The Sixth Window is book number sixth book in the Crime/Thriller Series by Rachel Abbott.  After eighteen months of grieving for her husband, Bernie, killed in a hit and run, Natalie Grey moves in with her husbands best friend Ed Cooper. However quite my chance she discovers something that questions everything she knew about Ed and puts her daughter in immediate danger. Moving her and her daughter Scarlet out and into an apartment, Natasha and Scarlet confront the present, Bernie’s hit and run case has been reopened and all is not what it seems.

As what is standard of Rachel Abbott this is a well written book which is full of twist and turns with major suspense throughout. The author manages to create a situation which is not only believable but one that unfortunately is far more common then we would like to believe. It did take me awhile to get into this book which is surprising as the action starts almost immediately. Once I did though I was hooked. I have to say I liked the character of Natalie far more then of the main female character in the previous book as although she states she is not one tackle a problem head on, she immediately dives into action when she felt the safety of her child was at stake. Scarlet I felt was portrayed pretty accurately as a 15 year old girl and all that that entails.  One great thing about this being the sixth in a series is  that it’s great to catch up with Tom and Becky who both have albeit small story lines of their own. As for the many reveals and surprises in the book I wasn’t as surprised as her previous books and had actually guessed most of what was going on about half way. I’m not sure if this is  because this book had more clues/was more predictable or if after reading the other books in the series it’s just a sense of Rachel’s writing. Either way an enjoyable book.

Rating: 8.5/10

Would I read again: Probably not, although it was enjoyable I just can’t see me picking it up again. 

Would I Recommend: Definitely 

Would I read another book from this author: Yes



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