Book Review: Dear Thing by Julie Cohen

“Getting pregnant was always the unobtainable goal. For years I though of nothing else. I don’t know what else to think of.” – Julie Cohen, Dear Thing. 

Claire and Ben dream of completing there family with a child, married for several years they always assumed it would be easy, natural, however life had other plans. After Claire decides she can’t go through it all again Ben’s best friend, Romily, offers them a lifeline, she will be their surrogate. Already a single mother and with no desire for any more children of her own, she is confident that she is able give them the child they have always wanted. What she didn’t count on was the complicated emotions that come with such a decision and the effect it would have on the relationships of all involved. 

What initially attracted me to this book was the cover, it vaguely reminded me of my grandmothers house as a child, however as I read more about the story I was definitely intrigued. I think that the way the author dealt with issues such as infertility was great, not only did she deal with a subject that numbers of women go through everyday, she showed of the alternative routes that people go through to complete their families. Going into it I expected it there to be lots of drama and a big focus on relationships, for this aspect it didn’t disappoint. I did find parts of it predictable and at some points had trouble relating to all of the characters but to be honest as I have not been in any type of situation like this that’s probably not that surprising. Overall I thought that it was a well written book.

Rating: 7.5/10

Would I read again: No. 

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Yes, I would definitely like to try more of her books.

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