Me Without You – Kelly Rimmer

“Life is a journey. You don’t have to travel, but you always have to be going somewhere or you stagnate.”
― Kelly Rimmer, Me Without You

Lilah Macdonald, an outspoken, vegetarian, environmental lawyer, with a penchant for walking around bare feet meets Callum Roberts, a workaholic, meat eating guy who works in marketing. One confrontation leads to dinner and they both embark on a relationship that will change both of their lives.

I went into this book with no expectations, to be honest I hadn’t really looked into what it was about but it had come recommended. It was definitely not what I was expecting. Although the start was a little slow for my liking I loved both Callum and Lilah and thought that Kelly Rimmer had a great way of building up both characters and was great to see their development. Parts I thought could of got to the point a bit faster but by the end I didn’t want the emotional roller-coaster that was this book to stop. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Would I read again: Probably, just let me recover first

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Looking for one as we speak


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