Belle – Lesley Pearse

“What is love?” Noah said with a wry smile. “If it is having someone on you mind so continuously that you can’t eat, sleep or think about anything else, then yes, I love her” Belle, Lesley Pearse. belle


Fifteen years old Belle grew up in a Brothel in Seven Dials, although the true nature of the house was always kept secret to her, her innocence is shattered when she simultaneously discovers the truth about her childhood home as well as being witness to a murder. Her innocence lost, she is soon kidnapped and smuggled out of the country to be sold into prostitution. On her own for the first time in her life she must rely on her courage, resourcefulness and wit to see her through, but will it be enough?


I picked up this book initially because I vaguely remembered liking another one of Lesley Pearse’s book, Rosie, and I really liked the blue on the cover (never judge a book by it’s cover I know) what I had forgotten about Lesley Pearse’s writing is the amount of horrible things that her characters endure throughout their journeys. Don’t get me wrong it makes for interesting stories and takes away that sense of security you have with the main character, no where near the extent of Game of Thrones, but enough that you have to worry. Belle is no different. The story itself feels like a roller-coaster of events, none particularly pleasant before it reaches a dramatic ending. A+ for story, what I felt let it down was the character of Belle herself, it took me a long time before I really started rooting for her, she just seemed a bit too innocent and naive… However the story was well written and once I got past my initial irritation with Belle I was able to get quite lost in the book.

Rating: 8/10

Would I read again: Probably

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author:  Yes






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