You, Me and the Colors of Life – Noa C. Walker

“Problems, pain, and suffering are all part of the human condition. Not only so we know what happiness is, but also because they build character, change us, teach us” You, Me and the Colors of life – Noa C. Walker

Goodread Synopsis:you me and the colours of life

Faced with challenges from an early age, Janica has learned to celebrate and enjoy every day as a gift. Her life-affirming attitude fascinates Thomas, a shy young man who begins to see the rich colors of life in a whole new light. As she reveals a world he never could have imagined for himself, Thomas falls head over heels for the strong young woman and becomes part of her quirky circle of friends and her loving family.

Their generosity of spirit draws Thomas out of his shell. He finds strength in their visits to the children’s hospital where Janica volunteers, captivating the kids’ attention with her imaginative stories. But all too soon fate deals them a harsh blow. Can their love survive life’s obstacles?


I went into this book expecting a nice light, fluffy love story, you know the ones… boy meets girl, they fall in love and after some adversity they get the happy ever after they always wanted. This book is not quite like that, yes it is a love story and it follows the same pattern as you would expect, except it’s no where near  what you would classify as light and fluffy. Trying not to reveal to much the author explores deep and emotional issues especially in regards to the children’s hospital and the story around Thomas’s brother who we first meet standing on the railings of a bridge. It also brings up issues which are relevant in our everyday life, the one that stood out most to me being the media’s interference and distortion of the truth, something that has very central in the last few months. As the title suggests there is an emphasis of colors in the books, something that I personally fell in love with, it got to the point where I was waiting to see how Janica would next describe how she saw something. The problem that I had with the book though, is that although it was dealing with a number of sensitive issues it still felt flat, don’t get me wrong the emotional parts were definitely  emotional, just not to the extent that I wished they could be it had the potential to be fantastic and just fell short. Either way it is still one I would recommend for a quick easy read.

Rating: 7/10

Would I read again: No

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Probably it didn’t put me of the author just left me a little disappointed. 


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