Book Review: Sunbaked by Junie Coffey

“Love, hate, or money. That’s the root of every violent crime, isn’t it?” Junie Coffey, Sunbaked.

Goodreads Synopsis:sunbaked

Things seemed to get off to a good start. Nina’s new hometown is the charming village of Coconut Cove, with its narrow lanes lined with candy coloured houses and gardens overflowing with tropical flowers. Her back yard is a white sand beach and the mesmerising turquoise sea.

But local big shot Barry Bassett has his eye on Nina’s cosy little beach cottage with the aim of tearing it down to build condos. Then Barry’s obnoxious wife Tiffany goes missing, and Nina finds herself sitting across a desk from the very serious chief of police, Blue Roker, wondering how her day dream of easy living in the islands got so far off track so quickly.


Sunbaked is a light-hearted mystery set on a tropical Island after New Yorker Nina Sparks drinks a little to much and decides to buys a house. On the internet. At 2am. From the start we are introduced to a variety of colourful characters all of which seamlessly integrate themselves into Nina’s life allowing for a team of them to set about to solve the mystery of the missing woman Tiffany. I loved the authors descriptions of the islands, it really made me feel like I was on a tropical island and while the Nina herself was a tad bland the characters she surrounds herself with really add to the comedic effect I believe the author is going for. The mystery itself is fairly simple and readers will be able to work it out long before the book ends but hey sometimes it’s nice to not have to really think about what’s going on. Either way the book is fast paced enough that there doesn’t feel like it is dragging at all. The funniest thing for me I felt that was while reading through the book I kept getting the overwhelming urge for pineapple lumps. I’m guessing it had a lot to do with her living in Pineapple Cay as well as the large presence of the colour yellow throughout the book. For non New Zealand readers here is a picture of what I’m talking about……pineapple

If your after a quick light hearted read this is one for you.

Rating: 7.5/10

Would I read again: No

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Yes


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