The Boy under the Table – Nicole Trope

“Just because the package was beautifully wrapped didn’t mean it wasn’t still full of shit.” The Boy under the Table – Nicole Trope.

Goodreads Synopsis:the boy under the table

Tina is a young woman hiding from her grief on the streets of the Cross. On a cold night in the middle of winter she breaks all her own rules when she agrees to go home with a customer.
What she finds in his house will change her life forever.
Across the country Sarah and Doug are trapped in limbo, struggling to accept the loss that now governs their lives.
Pete is the local policeman who feels like he is watching the slow death of his own family.
Every day brings a fresh hell for each of them.
Told from the alternating points of view of Tina, Sarah, Doug and Pete, The Boy Under the Table is gritty, shocking, moving and, ultimately, filled with hope.


This definitely wasn’t what I would call a ‘comfortable read’ it deals with a myriad of sensitive issues and although it doesn’t go into any sort of graphic detail there are enough subtle hints for you to know what’s really going on. It was however rather a compelling read, the story itself was well written although to be honest not much goes on, the chapters were split between Tina and family and friends of Lochie (Lochie is the boy under the table, the title is very straightforward as to what the story is about…) With family and friends chapters more commenting on how they were feeling as opposed to developments in the story. While yes this did add to the story it did at times make it feel as if they were being used to drag the story on a bit.

Both Tina’s and Lochie’s characters where very well written and both likeable characters, it was great to see the resilience between the two and the growing bond they develop throughout the story. Tina’s character develop especially was absolutely the high point for me throughout the book, a strong character to start of with it was great to see her coming into her full potential. Another plus for the book I found that although the subjects and events where disturbing a times their is a lot of positiveness shown throughout as well as acts of kindness that give a sense of hope for hopeless situations. Overall a good read.

Rating: 8/10

Would I read again: No

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Yes




3 thoughts on “The Boy under the Table – Nicole Trope

    1. Haha yea I was suprised how literal it was ☺ normally I do like the alternating POV I think there was a few to many in this book as they didn’t really contribute much to the plot… how about you?

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      1. I enjoy multiple POVs of all types though some are better executed than others. I agree there has to be a point to the other POVs otherwise the one works great. It works best either for a male/female switch back or a multiple POV in a large alternate world setting.

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