What kind of reader are you?

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Okay so I really should be writing reviews, I am getting ridiculously behind but every time I sit down to write, the screen remains blank and I suddenly remember all these other things I really should be doing, like painting my nails… So instead of fighting it I am going to carry on with this theme of procrastination and talk about something else, mainly reading.

Someone mentioned to me recently that they were only able to read at home, in the comfort of there own home and space, which got me thinking to all of the places that I feel most comfortable reading. Yes home is a given though I don’t have what I would call my own ‘reading nook’, where I plonk myself down mainly depends on the time of day, whose home and what else I need to do for the rest of the day. The time of day as if it’s late I’m definitely going to be curled up in bed, but morning or mid-afternoon you could find me in the chair in the corner of the room, maybe outside if it’s sunny or sprawled out taking up the entire couch. Whose home because whatever room they’re in I won’t be, when I at home for some reason I can’t stand any distractions, if it’s not quiet I can’t concentrate and get agitated and if someone is talking to me I will either completely blank them or get very irritated they have interrupted me, though this more counts if the book is getting good. (I do feel bad afterwards but when your in the groove your in the groove). As for whether I have anything else I need to do this depends on how fast I have managed to change back into either comfy clothes or pyjamas either way you will most likely find me crawled back in bed!

However saying all that reading in public does not bother me in the slightest, though I can’t read if I’m on the bus (I will promptly puke on your) I can read waiting for the bus. Same as if there is a lull a work, I used to work in a call centre and when it was particularly quiet I would happily read away before answering the next call. The thing is when I’m not at home, noise, people and everything that mostly bothers me when I’m at home doesn’t affect me in the slightest, I could seamlessly transition between reading and conversations with colleagues as well quickly out down my book wherever I was up to and hop on the bus. It just doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest and while this is probably a good thing it does sometimes strike me as a little odd.

For reading books themselves I’m quite happy to skip through different genres depending on my mood, I don’t really have a favourite it more depends where my heads out, what’s happening in my life at the moment, and sometimes on the reviews, a good story is a good story whatever the genre. The one thing I cannot do though is read more then one book at a time, even if it’s the same genre I have to make sure I have finished any book, finished completely with the story, said goodbye to the characters, before I can contemplate starting another. (That doesn’t however stop me from looking at other books)

So how about you? Do you have a ‘reading nook’ at home? Can you read in public? How able are you to skip between genres and books? Let me know!

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(This doesn’t really have anything to do with the post I just included it because it made me chuckle)


44 thoughts on “What kind of reader are you?

  1. Nice post! I used to work in a call center, too. Could never read during a lull. I’d get wrapped up in the book, stick my phone into unavailable, and then accidentally lose an hour of productivity because I couldn’t let go of a story. Whoops!

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    1. I’m still kinda surprised I didn’t seem to mind though there also may of been a few times where I accidentally forgot to come of unavailable when it was super quiet


  2. Hi. It’s nice to meet you. My favorite place to read at home is, curled up on the couch. I have blankets and pillows piled up on me and around me and I’m perfectly content. It’s a nest! 🙂 I enjoy going to the bakery, ordering a hot chocolate and sitting in a corner, savoring the hot chocolate and reading my book. 🙂

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  3. God you crack me up! You’re very witty! Like you, can’t read in a moving vehicle. I read everywhere, have an old kindle that fits nicely in my purse. I have a very nice newer kindle that is not allowed to leave the house. I skip through genres throughout the week.

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      1. It took me a while to learn – hence why I didn’t read for a few years. But now if I’m reading and my kids are talking to me I don’t even hear them….. that might be both good and bad! 😂


  4. I’m boring: I mostly read on the couch now. I can’t even read in bed because I end up taking an unintentional nap! But I used to read a lot on the subway to and from work. It added up to an extra hour of reading time per day, with the added bonus of avoiding making awkward eye contact with strangers! I agree about not being able to read on the bus or in the car; I used to be able to as a kid, but now it makes me sick for sure. Weird how that happens.

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    1. O definitely, I used be fine when I was a kid but now within a minute or so I have to stop, an extra hour of reading time is always good and I’m with you about not making awkward eye contact!

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  5. I have to agree with the first two…when you have kids, you pretty much learn to read anywhere. But, I prefer to curl up on my couch, and I do get highly annoyed with my husband if he starts to talk to me or well, anything if he knows I’m reading! I can get downright evil…at least he says so! But, I feel like you said, I’m in that reading groove and don’t want to be bothered! I can read 3, 4, or more books at a time no problem, and they can be same genre or different ones. I’ve never thought about the how’s and why’s of reading multiple books at a time; I’ve done it since I was a kid. MI prefer to finish a book but sometimes I get anxious to start another one and just can’t help having lots of reads going at a time, lol! Maybe I’m really afraid of never finishing my TBR list!!

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    1. I’m sure he is exaggerating lol just like I’m sure my partner is exaggerating hehe, I do get super excited to start another book sometimes I admit, though it usually ends up me ignoring everything I’m supposed to/really need to be doing so I can finish and move on as quickly as possible

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      1. I hope he is, but one never knows! 😉 He’s a total gamer, so he doesn’t understand my fascination with books at all. I do tend to get so caught up in a book that I forget everything else. Like eating. Books are food for the soul, so that must count for something!!

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      2. It’s exactly the same, lol! I hear that from my boys too…they “can’t do their chores” right then because they can’t pause their games. Luckily, I learned a fast motivator was an unplugged modem! You don’t have to pause when your WiFi is gone, lol.

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      3. Thanks! I’d say try it with your partner when you want him to do the dishes, but he probably wouldn’t be motivated as 2 teenage boys, lol! I’m afraid my husband would hide my books, lol!

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  6. My favorite place to read is in my armchair, with my feet up on the footrest. But I can read pretty much anywhere and under any circumstances, depending on the book. Some books require a nature sounds track on earphones and no distractions. Others can be read with the tv on and my nieces narrating what they are doing in their games, regardless of whether anyone is interested or not.

    Oh, and my second favorite place is in a hot bath, with a cold drink sitting on the edge of the tub. That’s the way I usually relax in the evening, close to bedtime. That’s usually something like an anthology, since short stories work well for a soak in the tub.

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  7. I wouldn’t worry about the slump thing, it happens to everybody. I went through a period this winter where I didn’t write a thing for months. It’ll blow over.
    And as for reading, anytime and anywhere I can fit it in.

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    1. I’m hoping to just push through but I don’t think I will be to worried if I don’t get out all the reviews I want to, reading anywhere is definitely a great skill to have 🙂


  8. I can pretty much read anywhere. Good to carry a book everywhere you go! One never knows when you’ll get stuck in traffic, waiting in line, etc. Nice post! I do skip between genres. I prefer certain genres and tend to read predominantly in those, but I do jump around now and then.


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