Book Review: The Coven by Chrissy Lessey

‘Magic, witches, and secrets. So many secrets.”

Goodreads Synopsis:34946772

The future queen awakens…

Newly single mother Stevie Lewis divides her time between raising Charlie, running a store with her best friend, and avoiding the meetings of her mother’s Beaufort Historic Society. Although her life has its challenges, it’s altogether average. Just the way she likes it.

When Vanessa, a ruthless dark witch, launches an attack against young Charlie, Stevie’s simple life derails, and her long-dormant powers awaken. A 300-year-old secret is exposed, revealing her destiny to one day rule the clandestine community of witches who hide in plain sight.

Now she must master her own magical powers before it’s too late. Because Vanessa’s on the warpath, and only Stevie can stop her.


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Okay not gonna lie I adored this book. The prologue starts of in the past with a sacrifice and three young witches captured by the notorious pirate Blackbeard, before fast forwarding to modern times where there decedents find themselves in all sorts of trouble. The start of the book is a bit choppy as it moves through introducing all of the main characters, it took me a bit to catch up as each had their own chapter but once I had grasped who was who everything seemed to flow seamlessly.

Stevie had to be my favourite character by far and the one whose character development I am eagerly awaiting to see in the next books in the series. (Sidenote, don’t you just hate finding a book you love and knowing you will have to wait for the next in the series. I am not a patient person haha.) What I did like was that although she is a direct descendant of the original ‘Queen’ and is effectively a queen in training she has no idea of her own powers or that exist in the first place, it was great making that discovery with her and I felt it also gave a better understanding of the history and what everyone is really about as everything was explained to her.

The highlight though had to be her relationship with her son Charlie. This something I think the author managed to pull of exceptionally well as what the synopsis does not mention is that Charlie is autistic, and unlike other books I have read I felt she was able to write his character in away that was authentic to the situation. It is her love and devotion for him that ‘awakens’ her powers, and it affects a lot of the decisions she has to make later on in the book.

There is a lot more I could say about how much I loved this book but for now I think I’m going to leave it so this doesn’t end up a rambling mess!

If anyone else has any suggestions for similar books though I would love to hear, I feel a witch/magic book marathon coming on!

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Would I read again: Yes

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Already impatiently waiting for the next release haha





5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Coven by Chrissy Lessey

  1. Great review! I just realized I haven’t read any witch/magic book lately. The only witch/magic book that comes to my mind without going through my ‘read’ list in Goodread is ‘The Secret Circle’ series by L.J. Smith. I read the series after watching the TV series, which ended after the first season but in my opinion books are better than the TV series.

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