Book Review: A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones

“Heaven – it’s harder to get to than you think.”

Goodreads Synopsis:

You don’t wake up expecting to die… A Thousand Rooms

Katie is thirty-two, single, and used to work in advertising. She’s also dead. A lost soul hitching rides with the dying, trying to find her way to… wherever she’s supposed to be.

And whoever she’s supposed to be with.

Heaven, it seems, has a thousand rooms. What will it take to find hers?


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Okay so first things first this review will probably have more spoilers then I am intending as I have found it really hard to write this review without including any so be warned.

The story didn’t start of exactly how I imagined, yes Katie was dead pretty much straight away but I didn’t really expect her to hang around much after that, from the title I kind of assumed she would be catapulted on to the next life where she would have to spend the next several chapters exploring, finding her place, accepting her death and what not. Katie however was in no rush to move on and unfortunately left with no instructions/guidance on what to do next leaving her in a sort of limbo land. Now in general I don’t have any problem with that, in fact I love it when I’m completely surprised by a book, and Katie coming to terms with what has happened is done well although she does tend to materialize back into the same few places. My problem started to occur the longer Katie stayed in the Limbo world of her and after awhile it just became boring. Yes there was a few instances of her nearly moving on, finding a different part of heaven before being unceremoniously kicked out again but to be honest it wasn’t enough to hold my attention for a prolonged period of time. A one point I generally nearly threw my Kindle across the room after I was so sure she had finally made it and was suddenly kicked back out. This was about 50 percent in.

However the last 50 percent had me hooked and built on all the aspects I had liked about the first half of the book. I guess this also might of had something to do with adding another ‘main character’ if you will as well as giving a lot of explanations as to how things worked, what would be happening next etc… I also like the idea of there being one person/soulmate for you and no matter what you will always be connected. Not even the insta-love annoyed me, they were soulmates after all! It also added in some reunions and a general happier tone to the entire book which made it easier to read and I managed to finish it shortly after. Overall I liked how the book tackled the issue of Katie’s death, and general life processes, e.g death/birth and grief, I especially liked the use of colors and energy surrounding individuals. I would of liked a bit more to happen throughout the book but it still wasn’t exactly a difficult read.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy in exchange for a honest review.

Rating: 3/5

Would I read again: No

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Yes

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