Why do you Read?

I remember as a child being asked ‘but why read when you can watch t.v?’. I could never fully articulate why I loved reading so much, don’t get me wrong I love my Netflix binges but there’s just something about books that seems to draw me in. So here is some top five reasons to read.

Top 5 reasons why I love to read!

1. I love having the ability to sit down and imagine a whole world/universe/life/story all in my head. Although I know I’m reading the same story has everyone else, the way I ‘see’ it or interpret is individual to me and I love that.

2. It calms me down. When life becomes stressful and makes my brain what I like to call ‘jittery’, I know opening a book will not only distract me but put an ease on the jittering.

3. Books provide a window into characters lives with details that you can’t get as much with anything else. You get to see how different ‘people’ react in different situations which is a great non-stalkerish way to see more into the human mind.

4. Books can be great conversation starters, they can cover so many complex issues which can really give some food to thought about the world around us, which in turn can provide some great in-depth conversations.

5. Reading is Fun! It’s something that I know I’m going to like doing pretty much no matter what.

Top 5 Scientific Reasons why you should Read!

1. It can improve your memory, which is something that can help with so many aspects of life.

2. It can improve your concentration, another great aspect which can transitions to other areas of day to day life.

3. It can improve your writing, this doesn’t just apply to authors, but to everyone who has to write anything ever.

4. It can educate you on issues you may not have the best understanding of. Although this probably applies most to non-fiction books, well research issue-focused fiction novels will definitely teach you a think or two.

5. Reading can help you sleep, reading a book before bed has a good chance of making you sleepier and setting you up for a better night of sleep.

Top 5 Reasons Books are better than Movies!

1. As I mentioned above books give you the ability to imagine in your own way what’s going on, while people definitely can have different takes on a movie it’s a bit harder to ‘see’ it too much differently.

2. Books tell you what a character is thinking and feeling, it’s a lot harder to show this on movies.

3. Books are not as rushed, most movies have only a certain amount of time that they can tell a story, a book can add many more scenes and side stories. (This can be combated in a way by making it into a T.V show however).

4. There is no rush with books, you can read them at your own pace and generally take as long as you want, movies are a lot harder to stop and start.

5. You can take a book with you wherever, on the bus, down the beach, pretty much anywhere. While D.V.D’s are portable it’s a lot harder to take your T.V and what not down to the beach!

Why do you read, do you have any different reasons from above? Let me know!



9 thoughts on “Why do you Read?

  1. This post is a great idea! Reading is a much, much better escape than TV. I’ve never been able to topple into the worlds I see on TV. I need to read the feelings of the people living in that world to feel like I’m there as well. I also find that reading certain books can tell me a lot about who I am as a person, not just by thinking of what I would do in a certain situation, but deciding whether or not I’m able to empathize with certain feelings.


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