Blurb or Paragraph? #1

Word Art

So today I thought I would try something different and look at a book I haven’t read and see what makes me want to read it more…. The blurb or paragraph!


Pick a book on your TBR that you haven’t read.

Copy the blurb from Goodreads or Amazon

Pick a random paragraph from anywhere in the book

Vote on what makes you want to read it more blurb or paragraph!

The book I have chosen today is… 

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf

The Weight of Silence


It happens quietly one August morning. As dawn’s shimmering light drenches the humid Iowa air, two families awaken to find their little girls have gone missing in the night.

Seven-year-old Calli Clark is sweet, gentle, a dreamer who suffers from selective mutism brought on by tragedy that pulled her deep into silence as a toddler.

Calli’s mother, Antonia, tried to be the best mother she could within the confines of marriage to a mostly absent, often angry husband. Now, though she denies that her husband could be involved in the possible abductions, she fears her decision to stay in her marriage has cost her more than her daughter’s voice.

Petra Gregory is Calli’s best friend, her soul mate and her voice. But neither Petra nor Calli has been heard from since their disappearance was discovered. Desperate to find his child, Martin Gregory is forced to confront a side of himself he did not know existed beneath his intellectual, professorial demeanor.

Now these families are tied by the question of what happened to their children. And the answer is trapped in the silence of unspoken family secrets.


Callie had traveled deeper into the forest, beyond any spot she had been before. She was lost, the fawn had long since left to join it’s mother. Calli wandered around, trying to get her bearings. The trees here were thick and shielded the sun’s rays from her though the air remained steamy, heavy with moisture.


Okay so for this one I can easily say its the blurb that really makes me want to pick up the book. Perhaps I haven’t chosen an interesting enough paragraph but I basically opened up the book and went with the first one that I saw. Not that the writing doesn’t seem good but there is so much mystery in that synopsis and I’m way to nosy!

Blurb: 1                             Paragraph: 0

How would you vote??



18 thoughts on “Blurb or Paragraph? #1

  1. The blurb is definitely better, but it’s really hard to get dragged into anything from a random paragraph without specifically looking for a really good, intriguing paragraph. I agree with authorinspirations. Now, the book blurb versus the first, say, 200 words would be an interesting comparison. 😉


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