Author Interview with Isabel Scheck @izzys97

Today I’m really happy to be able to bring you an interview with author Isabel Scheck. Isabel is a self-published author who currently has 6 books published; 3 poetry books, 2 short stories, and 1 novella!

When Daisies and Thunderstorms CollideThe Stars in Her EyesThe Girl with the Purple HairSurvival

You can find Isabel at:

Twitter: IzzyS97
Instagram: Isabelscheck97

Author Interview

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

When I’m writing I usually write in a notebook first and type later. I set 30 minutes of actual writing and an additional 10 or so for typing it up. 

Is there lots to do before you dive in and start writing the story?

No, not really. I mostly just start the story. Sometimes I write a few notes or an extensive summary so I know vaguely where the story is headed

What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

I adore the Harry Potter series and JK Rowling is amazing. 
My aunt, Mel McGrath (or MJ McGrath or Melanie McGrath) is an inspiration for me. She writes nonfiction and fiction novels. 

Have you written anything online like Wattpad, Inkitt, etc and do you recommend it?

I have written and am still writing on Wattpad (Stormwolfwriters) and I would definitely recommend it. I’ve met some lovely supportive people there and it feels like a community. I’ve been on Wattpad for about 6.5-7 years now.

What was the hardest part of writing your author bio?

The hardest part of writing an author bio for me is finding something interesting to say about me rather than talking about my much more fascinating stories ☺️

Any advice for others who have started on their own book writing journey?

I would advise anyone who starts writing to read lots. Also write what you love, don’t write for someone else. 
Write for you. 
I would say write in the genre you like/read the most; that will be so helpful. 
Lastly try to find writing friends, whether in real life or on the internet! They can keep you sane 😉

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

Personally, I’ve never considered writing under a pseudonym because my real name is my identity and I would want people to know who I am. (But that’s just my opinion)

5 Star Reviews

‘I don’t normally leave reviews but sometimes you just have too. Isabel Scheck is a phenomenal up and coming writer and poet who will one day be across several best seller lists. This is one of the best collection of poems you’ll find and I’ve instantly become a huge fan.

Scheck strings her words together magically and paints a simplistic picture that tugs at your heart strings. She truly had a way with words and I cannot wait to see what’s next from her. You definitely need to check this book out!’

If you’re a fan of poetry Isabel is one to check out! 


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