2018 Reflection of Goals

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year here’s hoping to exciting things for the year to come!

So today I have decided to have a look back at my first post of 2018 and see just how much of what I was planning to achieve last year I actually managed. I can tell you now, what I wrote and what actually happened are two very different things, haha but life doesn’t always want to follow your nicely made up plans!

So I sorted my goals into three categories; General goals, Reading goals and blogging goals. I’m just going to list them below and give a sort of update to how I did.

General goals:

  • Become fitter, healthier, happier

This I did manage to achieve to an extent, I managed to incorporate a lot more walking, swimming, and general exercise into my life but not consistently, as for happier I don’t particularly feel like I’m a lot happier than this time last year but I’m not unhappy at all 🙂

  • Don’t give up on things when they become a little bit difficult

Still working on this, it does tend to be my first extinct to walk away but I’m finding it easier and easier to power through that and carry on!

  • Do at least 3 things that terrify me

To be honest I can’t remember any specific instances where I attempted to do something truly terrifying so I’m gonna go with probably didn’t achieve that one.

Reading Goals:

  • Read and review 100 books

Whoops didn’t manage that, I actually only managed to read and review 20 books on this blog, I’m pretty sure I did read a few in between but there was a long break in the middle of the year with reading any books.

  • Try out new genres instead of playing it safe

Looking back, not really haha I seem to have played it fairly safe throughout the year!

  • Think more critically as I’m reading

This I think I did achieve somewhat but the next problem I have found that I am facing is that I’m not always writing it down as I’m reading which means when I write my review I have pretty much forgotten all of the critical thoughts.

Blogging Goals:

  • Blog consistently

Also another oops, now for this one it most likely didn’t help that I actually stopped blogging for the majority of last year, from March to October I didn’t post anything and was only sort of lurking throughout that time. This was due to personal real-life problems I guess but I just didn’t have the energy to focus on blogging/reading/reviewing as well as everything else that was going on.

  • Be way more organized and utilize that schedule button

I am getting better with this one, I may only have one scheduled post at the moment but I do have a new planner on my Ipad which I am finding is helping immensely with keeping me on track with what I need to be posting and when.

  • Try new things

Sort of, the main thing I think I do want to carry on trying this year is finding ways to include authors and books on my blog without always having reviews. I really want to find ways to help out but without promising reviews which may take me a while to get around too.

All in all probably not the greatest achievement for the year but hey I’m not unhappy with results. Last year was a challenge in more ways than one and although I may have not achieved everything I set out to achieve I did improve in many aspects of my life and blogging and probably, more importantly, I learned so much last year which I will be forever grateful for.

For this year I don’t really have any specific goals, I think I just want to always be improving and perhaps do another evaluation halfway through the year to see where I’m at 🙂

How 2018 go for you? How many of your goals did you achieve? Let me know!


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