When do you read?


Do you read in the morning at night, tucked up away avoiding all your responsibilities? At the moment I’m finding it harder and harder to fit in reading around just life in general, last year I just took a break from blogging, I just didn’t have the focus to include everything I wanted to in the day so I just found it easier to completely not focus on blogging at all. I was still reading though, just a bit less, and sometimes I think it’s just nicer to not have to focus on the review, this could also have something to do with the fact I’m fairly useless at taking notes while reading and until recently was also pretty awful at writing reviews straight away. (Since downloading an app to do all my scheduling for me I’m so much better!)

I used to pretty much take a book in my handbag nearly everywhere I went, waiting for a bus, awesome time to read, never quite got the hang of reading on the bus without wanting to vomit but hey live and learn. Basically though any opportunity there was to read I took it. It was even easier when I finally relented and got myself a Kindle, instead of huge clunky books taking up all the room in my bag, just whip out the Kindle and hundreds of books at my fingertips. Of course, I would then proceed to forget to charge it but that’s a whole other problem.

pile of books
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Now that I have to drive quite a bit more I thought Audiobooks would be the way to go but for the life of me I just can’t get myself into them, at first I thought it was just the voice of the reader, there wasn’t exactly anything wrong with it I just couldn’t focus. After a few more attempts though I had to come to the sad conclusion that I just get too distracted to be able to really follow a story through while listening, not driving didn’t really help either, it turns out unless I’m laying with my eyes closed my mind just seems to drift off on its own. Also didn’t help that people just assumed I was listening to music so it was fine to interrupt, apparently it’s a lot scarier to have the possibility of a book to come flying at you then just interrupting someone wearing headphones.

person writing on white book
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At the moment I manage to fit in reading right before bed, once I know I have nothing else to do and before I go to sleep, this also results in a lot less sleep as I don’t exactly like to stop at a certain time but hey that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!

So when do you guys fit your reading in? Night/Day/Huddled in a corner avoiding everyone? Let me know!


38 thoughts on “When do you read?

  1. I read any spare time that comes along – when I sit down for a coffee or lunch, in bed or just take an hour out of the day. I do love audiobooks though and listen when I can’t read – doing the housework or driving ect.

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  2. I still think I’m at the phase where I read wherever I am, so I’m still carrying along books in my bag and as of last year, I discovered the ease of reading ebooks off an e-reader so that’s always in my bag too.

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  3. I understand about not having time. I’m trying to write, blog and read with all the other stuff and it’s hard. And there are so many books I want to read. I don’t really have a set time. But I think if I spend less time online is get more reading done 🤣 I sometimes read instead of watching TV. I’ve tried audiobooks but can’t sit still and listen

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    1. Glad it’s not just me with the audiobooks! I think at the moment I have so many books I either want to read or ones I have requested that it all seems a bit daunting which makes me realise just how much less I tend to be reading


      1. That’s what I’m slowly learning, I have to have a bit of a general list otherwise I get nothing done but trying not to put too much pressure on myself if I can’t get it done

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  4. I’ve always got a book to read but I’ve had to make compromises with my partner over my blogging and reviews due to my stressing over them . So now I don’t read for reviews after our evening meal, I only write them and do my notes on my days off from work. The best place I find to read though is during a long hot soak.

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  5. Like Cathy, I read in my spare time. Audiobooks are very convenient though and I enjoy listening to those during chores, etc. I think my main reading comes in at night though, before bed. 💜

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  6. Because I am on disability, I have more time to read. But my therapist decided my reading was obsessive, so I set up as schedule. Monday and Tuesday are for teaching myself to knit. I write on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I read at night or when I came sleep, while is too frequent. And on Saturday.

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  7. I read during meals (except breakfast) and an hour before I go to sleep. Sometimes I will read while my SO watches TV. Doesn’t happen often because he likes to talk and I keep losing my place…lol.

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  8. When I was working fulltime and my kids were growing up, I read first thing in the morning before everyone else got up and before bed. Now that I am retired and a widow living alone, I read whenever I want.

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  9. I read whenever I get the opportunity to do so. I bring my trusty kindle (well actually it’s my husband’s kindle nut that’s another story) everywhere I go. You name the place and I have my kindle. I do like reading in bed at 2am which seems to be my magic hour for waking up.

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  10. The title of my blog says it all. I read all the time. I listen to audiobooks during my daily commute, about an hour & a half. I read on the toilet. I read while I eat lunch. I read while I’m brushing my teeth. I read while standing in line at the grocery store. I read in the lobby of my doctor’s & dentist’s offices. I read while watching t.v. I’m rarely very far from a book or my Kindle.

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