Book Review: The Problem with Perfect by Megan Mayfair @rararesources


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The Problem with Perfect

Marigold Doyle’s life was perfect, with a successful career and wonderful marriage. But The Problem with Perfectwhen her husband, Julian, passes away, her life is thrown into turmoil as she discovers a trail of secrets Julian was hiding in the months prior to his death. Struggling with her grief, she knows she needs to find out Julian’s actions to help her move on.

Finn Schröder, a former police officer and now private security consultant, is focused on an uncomplicated, unattached life and growing his business. He agrees to help Marigold find out the truth about Julian, but as they become closer, he realises his feelings for her may be developing beyond simply professional.

As Marigold and Finn work through the web of Julian’s deception, will they learn to face the reality that things aren’t always exactly as they seem?


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I received a free copy from the author and Rachel’s Random Resources in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, what another fantastic book, I feel like I’m really on a roll at the moment with the books I’m reading! Fingers crossed this carries on!

The Problem with Perfect is a great mystery/romance book that follows Marigold as she deals with the sudden death of her husband and the realization that her life isn’t exactly what she thought it was. I really enjoyed getting to know Marigold, this is definitely a story with a multitude of complex well-developed characters and I really enjoyed being able to follow them on their journey. I also like how the author was able to write in such a way that it was easy to see why the characters were making certain decisions even if they were not always correct.

I also really liked that this was not a book I could easily predict, some parts sure, but the majority not at all, when reading I’m either in the mood for a whole lot of surprises or a nice easy predictable read and this was most definitely one for a whole lot of surprises! A great four and a half star read!

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I read again: Yes

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Yes

About the Author

Megan’s stories are about families, intrigue and love. Every book contains a bit of The Problem Wtih Perfect Megan Mayfiarhumour and a lot of heart.

Megan lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children, and has a background in public relations and higher education.


She drinks far too much coffee and has an addiction to buying scarves. She interviews with other authors for her blog series, Espresso Tales, and loves a bit of #bookstagram.


Her debut novel, The Things We Leave Unsaid, was released by Crooked Cat Books in 2018, followed by Tangled Vines. The Problem with Perfect is her third novel.


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