Book Review: Every Dog has his Day by Chloe Grace @rararesources

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They say every dog has his day. Well, today I’ve certainly had mine.Every Dog has his Day: An animal Cozy Mystery (Albertus Eagle Detective Beagle Book 2)

Hey, I’m Albertus Eagle and it turns out I’m an unwitting pet detective. I haven’t always been such a successful legal beagle, but when I’m confronted with a case that is so personal I can’t ignore it, I discover I have a passion for finding those who don’t want to be found.

Cleo the cat. Well, she came along for the ride too.

So, sure I’ve had my day today, but not in the sense of being past my prime. To the contrary, the fun is just starting. And I am buzzing with a new purpose, mixed with a tiny amount of vindictive elation.


Because, I’ve not only found myself a new home after the untimely demise of my previous owner, but I’ve also made amends with the cat. It turns out she’s not that bad, really.

On top of that though, and this is what really sends shivers racing all the way down my spine to my paws, is that we’ve fingered a killer.


Because you human’s, you underestimate us animals. And while you go about your business ignoring our very existence, the cat and I are listening and taking notes.

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Thank you to the author and Rachels Random Resources for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

This was such an adorable mystery book which followed Albie the Beagle and Cleo the cat to get to the bottom of what really happened to their previous owner, this is of course helped by their new owner Bella who just so happens to be able to understand Albie! This was such a different read for me at the moment especially as the main character was a dog! I really enjoyed the different perspective that having non-human characters brings and I think the author did a spectacular job of writing in such a way that I could really understand where Albie and Cleo were coming from/ what they were experiencing. This is definitely a cozy mystery and I think it may become a bit of a comfort read. A really enjoyable story!

Rating: 4/5

Would I read again: Yes

Would I Recommend: Yes

Would I read another book from this author: Yes

About the Author

Chloe Grace is the cozy mystery pen name for romantic mystery author, Karen Botha. Every Dog - Chloe GraceWhile she doesn’t understand animals quite as well as Bella in the Albertus Eagle Detective Beagle cozy mysteries, she does chat along to her rescue dog, Shadow, pretty much all day.

And she’s sure that he chats back.

Chloe lives with Shadow and her hubby in a small outpost of London city—funnily enough it’s a little like where Bella and Albie live. As a family they like to go on walks in the local woods and throw a tennis ball until their respective arms ache, which is usually before Shadow shows any hint of exhaustion.

While her first romance novels were inspired by true life events, the Albertus Eagle series are complete imagination – although her conversations with Shadow can’t be ignored.
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