Author Spotlight with Janeen G! @janeenmg25

Today I am happy to be able to share with you Indie Author Janeen G and some of her awesome work, Janeen has a collection of books available with her latest ‘The Dance of Faith’ available on Wattpad as well as writings on her blog My Young World

The Dance of Faith


“The Dance of Faith” is a literary journey based on the words of life and one’s own rhythm to finding love and peace. In this poetry novel, the emotional words are strung together to form sounds, images, and ideas that might be too complex or abstract to describe directly to the human eye.

This novel will transform the way you will express your emotions to the ones you love and how you can explain your lust for life. Lets dance in this faith of life itself…


About the Author

Janeen is an author and writer of love poems, erotic fiction, and fantasy short stories. 14702273_1214914098571456_8321554543378276739_nShe writes with her emotions and fantasy is her passion. Writing has always been her escape from the real world. She wants to share her imaginations with the world. She enjoys reading, nature, binge watching her favorite TV show and sharing her real-life stories on her blog. She is a mother of four beautiful children and she is committed to her husband of 10+ years. She currently resides in Orlando, FL but she was raised in New York City.

Five Star Reviews

This is a hauntingly beautiful piece of writing. I re-read her work a couple of time. This writer shoots from the heart. Interested in reading more of her work.

This book describes a tender kind of erotica, a love that transcends the typical “I love you” and focuses deeply in the bedroom to describe the intimacy between two people behind closed doors. It deeply professes a love grander than anything solely bound to materialism. It allows the reader to explore feelings where they can use their imagination to understand the topics of love, passion, and desire being discussed. Great for the erotica and sensual poetry or book fans!

I think what I love most about this book is that it’s so real. Janeen weaves a poetic journey through real life relationship ups and downs. It feels like I’m reading parts of my life and my own relationships. It’s moving, raw, open, and very well written. I loved this!!!

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