Author Interview with Jaqueline Davis @jaclyndavis01

Today I’m happy to be sharing an awesome author interview with author Jaqueline Davis! Jaqueline is the author of the Bedlam Series as well as the standalone novel ‘A Christmas Tour’. Make sure you check out her books as well as her interview below!

Author Interview

Interview about her newest book The Christmas Tour:

What did you enjoy most about writing your book?

I loved writing a Christmas story with a happy ending! Reading Christmas books is something I look forward to all year. It is one of my favorite genres, and I was thrilled to write one. The books I previously wrote were historical fiction with suspense, action, and not always happy endings. Writing The Christmas Tour was a change of pace for me.

How do you feel about ebooks vs. print books and alternative vs. conventional publishing?

I support authors on whatever route they take to publication (traditional, self, indie, etc.). Regarding ebooks and print books, I tend to read books primarily that are printed. I just love the smell of books, how they feel in my hands, how I can see how far I’ve read by using a bookmark. That said, I sometimes envy fellow travelers on airplanes who only have a lightweight e-reader in their hands, while I’m lugging heavy books with me! 🙂

Are you a full-time or part-time writer? How does that affect your writing?

I have a full-time day job and write as a hobby. My focus and time are split among many things, and this affects my writing in that it gets interrupted pretty quickly. I write when I can squeeze it in. I’m a quick writer when I do have time to write because I tend to think through my writing in my mind very thoroughly before sitting down in front of a computer. I am able to “write” in my mind while driving or eating my lunch and then sit down at a later time to actually put words on paper.

What inspired you to write your book?

I was inspired to write The Christmas Tour when I visited a historic building that was being renovated to be turned into a bed and breakfast. It was beautiful! It felt like it had a hundred stories to tell. I left that place feeling like I had the setting to a story. I had wanted to write a Christmas story for some time, so my mind started racing with ideas. The town that this bed and breakfast is in holds annual Christmas events every year, so I decided to incorporate those into the plot, and before I knew it, the book was being written. What is the most important thing about a book in your opinion? To me, books are a place to escape. When I feel stressed or overwhelmed, books help calm me. When I’m sad, books can distract me. Books serve a purpose in this world, and I’m honored I get to play a part by writing them.


The Christmas Tour

Penny Lark doesn’t know where Fort Wayne, Indiana, is, nor does she care. As long as its asnews reporter job is a stepping stone to her dream career – morning news anchor in New York City – she’s fine spending a little time in this sleepy small town. But not too much time. With her eyes on the prize, she has never stayed anywhere longer than six months, and she plans on making her stop in Fort Wayne even shorter.
Nolan Ash, born and raised in Fort Wayne, has made a reality of his late father’s dream of opening a bed and breakfast in charming downtown. In honor of his father’s love for the holidays, Nolan offers an annual Christmas Tour of Fort Wayne out of his inn, one that highlights the town’s Christmas displays and festive events. The Tour soon becomes a regional sensation, one that grabs the attention of the town’s newest reporter.
When Penny decides to run a month-long story on Nolan’s Tour as a guest in his bed and breakfast, Nolan must face that which he resents the most: reporters, who in his eyes are the most selfish people on earth and were a contributing factor in his family’s demise after his father’s death. Penny, in turn, must face Christmas, a dreaded holiday thanks to her own father, and pretend to love it as much as the town’s inn owner.
Can Nolan and Penny face what they despise this Christmas, if only for their careers’ sakes? And can they ever find a way to get along? Follow Nolan and Penny on their journey of discovering forgiveness, love, and new perspectives this holiday season.



azKatherine Whittemore has been shielded her entire life from the haunts of Bethlem Royal Hospital, the notorious asylum of Victorian London. The daughter of one of Bethlem’s doctors, Kat was kept from madness until urged by her father to visit the hospital as a distraction from her household duties. It is at Bethlem that Kat falls for her father’s best friend and colleague, Dr. James Blair, even though many in her household warn against him. He has secrets, dark ones, and soon Kat discovers he’s not the only one.

Visiting Bethlem forever changes Kat’s life and what she believed to be true. Kat suspects that something is amiss in her home, the house she must now try to save. Not even her relationship with James is enough to quell this suspicion, especially as those around her begin acting erratically. As Kat prepares for a Christmas Ball at the insane asylum where her father once worked, she can’t help but wonder if her household may mirror Bethlem in ways she hadn’t before imagined.




Welcome to The Dials:
Trust no one. Step carefully. Live while you can.36603239._SY475_
Katherine Whittemore, a girl who has just discovered seemingly horrifying secrets about herself, has fled her home and the man who loves her, Dr. James Blair. She now turns alone to Seven Dials, the slums of Victorian London, where those with nothing go to try to survive. The Dials welcomes her as it does any other: with the slap of pain, suffering, and violence that has been known to kill its inhabitants. Kat summons the strength to face these obstacles alongside some friends she encounters along the way, but many don’t outlive the treacherous Dials.

Meanwhile, James suffers in the wake of Kat’s absence, questioning his role as a doctor of the mad at Victorian London’s asylum Bethlem Royal Hospital, until he receives an unexpected arrival from his past. Elizabeth, whom he was destined to marry as a young man, appears in the midst of his grief, bringing with her the joy and comfort he’d felt while young. Torn between searching for Kat and rekindling an old flame, James must now choose between the love of his life and the love of his youth.

Set against the perilous backdrop of both Seven Dials and Bethlem Royal Hospital, Infirmity addresses the power of love, including loving oneself, in the midst of all difficulties and realities. Join Kat on her journey of discovering if she has the power to love all parts of her life, including those she has run from in Infirmity, the harrowing sequel to Disorder in the Bedlam Series.



awSean McGuire has finally returned home to Dublin, Ireland, after years of undercover work in London for the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Surrounded by fellow comrades in his homeland, he relishes in this new-found family and submits to his leader’s authority without hesitation. That is, until he’s assigned a new leader, someone he wasn’t expecting: a woman. And not just any woman; someone who’s a sharp-shooter and willing to give extreme orders.

Meanwhile, Katherine Whittemore, the woman Sean loved while in London, embraces her new life in Birmingham, England. Married to the residential physician at Yardley Green Road Sanitorium, she spends her days caring for her father whose health is finally improving. Her life seems to be a dream realized until Mr. Bertram Snead, the man who had once tried to kill her, is up for parole, and Katherine and her family find they must return to London for his hearing.

It’s been seven years since Sean left Katherine in London, yet the city beckons them to return, and they both heed its calling. As Sean devotes his energy to helping the Brotherhood pull off a prison escape at Clerkenwell House of Detention, Katherine arrives at the same prison to put the past to rest. What does London have in store for the two of them?

Join Katherine on her journey back to London to face both her fearsome and adventurous past in this thrilling final book of the Bedlam Series.

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