Book Tags Galore! 40 more tags to get stuck into!

Love them or hate them book tags are a big part of the bookish community, they give us bloggers a chance to not only have yet another way to talk about our favorite books but a way to let our readers know a little more about ourselves as well as being able to tag friends and find out all their answers!

Last year I compiled The Ultimate Top 100 Book Tags which was incredibly fun to do, so below I have added 40 more 🙂


  1. Anticipated Releases book Tag A Little Haze Book Blog
  2. Anything but Books Tag Journey Into Books
  3. BiblioKdramatics Book Tag Normadic Worlds
  4. Brooklyn 99 Book Tag Nen and Jen
  5. Choose the Year Book Tag Samesfoley
  6. Creating the Perfect Book Boyfriend Book Tag Theeuphoriczat
  7. Fall is in the air Book Tag The Geekish Brunette
  8. Hocus Pocus Book Tag ClassyXBookReviews
  9. I Should Read That Book Tag A Literary Latte
  10. My Name In TBR Book Tag Ally Writes Things
  11. Past, Present and Future Book Tag Life of a Literary Nerd
  12. Quick Fire Fantasy Book Tag Narrative Paradise
  13. Spotify book Tag Fantastic Books
  14. Summer Sweatalong book tag Zeezee with Books
  15. Taylor Swift Lover Book Tag Fan Girl Fury
  16. The 80s Movie Book Tag The Coy Caterpillar Reads
  17. The Adams Family Book Tag For Books Sake
  18. The Back to School Book Tag Golden Books Girl
  19. The Boujee Book Tag Dragons and Zombies
  20. The End of Year Book Tag My Bookish Dream
  21. The Halloween Song Book Tag Fortunately The Book
  22. The Literary fiction book Tag  Fiction Fan Blog
  23. The Marvel Avengers Book Tag Never not Reading
  24. The Musical Shuffle Book Tag Cuppaclo
  25. The Nope Book Tag The Book Prescription
  26. The Oseman Verse Book Tag Two Book Thieves
  27. The Pancake Book Tag Elaine Howlin
  28. The Perfect Book Tag Worlds Unlike Our Own
  29. The Productivity Book Tag Lottie is Writing
  30. The Seven Heavenly Virtues Book Tag Space and Sorcery
  31. The Spooky Memes Book Tag All Things Momma Blog
  32. The Strictly Book Tag Stephen Writer Blog
  33. The Summer Bucket List Book Tag Confessions of a YA reader
  34. The Sword of Kaigan Book Tag The Little Book Owl
  35. The Translated book Book Tag 746 Books
  36. The Waffle Book Tag Ksahitya
  37. The Wasted Potential book Tag Kristin Kraves Books
  38. Throne of Glass Vs Court of Thorns and Roses Book Tag It’s Just a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile
  39. Totally Didn’t Book Tag Madame Writer Blog
  40. What Cats do Book tag A Dance with Books

20 thoughts on “Book Tags Galore! 40 more tags to get stuck into!

  1. Wow this is awesome!!! I’m always looking for tags to do, so this is a great find for me and I’m gonna bookmark it right away… Thank you 😊😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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