Super Popular Authors or Book Series You Never Got Around Too

The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, #1)

So recently I have finally managed to get myself back into reading yay, 2020’s been a weird sorta year! Anyway I have managed to get myself out of a reading slump which I think has lasted nearly an entire year now by reading or at least listening to The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

Now in retrospect this probably isn’t exactly the easiest way to get back into reading, for one with Audiobooks I tend to find myself drifting…. with the weather warming up it’s been a great time to head out for a walk around and what better way to lose focus and take my mind of things then by listening to an audiobook. Which is great in theory but like I mentioned I tend to drift off by focusing to much on the world around me and completely missing portions of the story by getting distracted by a bird or dog in the distance.

However even with this I have managed to get through the first two books in The Wheel of Time to the point I actually bought the third in the series so I could sit myself down with no other distractions and read. This brings me to my second point, I probably should of started with something a bit, shall we go with lighter, or in other words not a 13 book epic fantasy, with the current book I’m at with something like 700 pages. Whoops.

This has got me to thinking about the whole point of this post though is that The Wheel of Time has been out for awhile, each book has thousands of reviews on Goodreads, a T.V series is currently being produced and it has a substantial fan base to discuss lore, characters, and what not and it’s just not something that has ever really crossed my radar until recently. Sure I had heard of it but it has never been something that I have felt the need to add to by TBR let alone go out and read.

So how many others are out there? Other popular authors or book series that I may of heard of but never particularly acknowledged. How many proven great stories that I have glanced over but never taken the time to go into just because they are popular? Now I’m not saying just because a book is popular you should automatically read them, I have read plenty of what I like to think of has hidden gems from unknown or indie authors that I have enjoyed but how many are out there have I just not gotten around to?

So really the whole point of this semi rambling post (aside from getting myself to actually write a blog post) was to ask you guys what books have you just never gotten around to? Or what popular series or authors are out there that you have only very recently given a chance too? Do you seek out popular books or avoid them at all costs?

Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Super Popular Authors or Book Series You Never Got Around Too

  1. There are so many books and authors I keep thinking I should read, but I just can’t muster up enough interest or enthusiasm. I’m sure they’re wonderful, but I’ve noticed, especially in fantasy, a lot of books published by the big companies tend to have a familiar feel to them all, which makes them feel a tad boring to me. I love books that fall a shade or more off popular, especially the indie ones, because they add new colors and just seem more fascinating and creative. Though the masters are masters for a reason and what they do is usually incredibly well-done.

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    1. It’s tough but I have really been finding lately that even with new books from authors I know I love I still haven’t really been feeling it. Will probably have to take a break with reading this series and throw a couple of indie books in there as well

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