A – Z of Reviews


Abbott Rachel – The Sixth Window

Abbott Rachel – Come a Little Closer

Adair Marina – Chasing I do

Anders Natasha – The Unwanted Wife

Andrews Buffy – A Year of Second Chances

Auel Jean M. – Clan of the Cave Bear


Bach Mette – Love is Love

Baer Jackon – An American Family

Baer Jackson – Life after Death

Benjamin Ann – Life after Joe

Bennet Sarah – Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove

Bennett Sarah – Spring Skies Over Bluebell Castle

Blackthorn Isobel – Clarissa’s Warning

Blackthorn Isobel – A Matter of Latitude

Burton Rachel – The Pieces of You and Me

Bloom Tracy – The Last Laugh

Bonner Rachel – Thread of Hope

Breton Laurie – Coming Home

Brotherton Stephen – Another Shot

Brotherton Stephen – An Extra Shot

Brimble Rachel – A Rebel at Pennington’s

Buschanan Susan – The Christmas Spirit


Cabot Meg: Remembrance

Carter Aimee – The Goddess Test

Caplin Julie – The Secret Cove in Croatia

Chowdhury Napur – A Flight of Broken Wings

Coffey Junie – Sunbaked

Cohen Julie – Dear Thing

Connelly Victoria – One Last Summer


Danks Laura – Almost Forever

Dann Rachel – Pieces of my life

DeFazio Rene and Veitch Tamara – The Emissary

Denzil Sarah A. – Silent Child

Dempsey Sharon – My Virtual Life

Diamond Jacqueline – The would-be mommy

Drori Miriam – Cultivating a Fuji


Earl Seb – Happy Ever …After


Frost Kate – The Baobab Beach Retreat

Fudge Pamela – Second Best


Grace Chloe – Every Dog has his Day

Green Erin – The Single Girls Calendar

Green Jane – Jemima J

Green Linda – After I’ve Gone

Greenfield Dizzy – Strays and Relations


Halton Linn B – A Greek Affair

Hart Joe – The Last Girl

Harland C. A – The Ninth Circle

Hanson Amanda – Something Beautiful

Hayes Erin – Shades of God

Hewitt Kate – Kiss Me at Willoughby Close

Hill Melissa – Keep you Safe

Holton Karl – The Weight of Shadows

Hunter McKenzie – Double-sided Magic


Ireland Elizabeth – Forms of Things Unknown

Ireland Elizabeth – Foul Deeds Will Rise

Ireland Elizabeth – A Walking Shadow

Isley Camilla – To the Stars and Back


Jan Bernard – A world without color

Jones Helen – A Thousand Rooms

John-Ligali Anne – The Dinner in the Sky

Johnson Milly – The Perfectly Imperfect Women


O’Keefe Kate: Three Last First Dates

King Deboroah – Daring Dreamer

King Emily R. – The Hundredth Queen


Laban Elizabeth – Not Perfect

Lambert Jo – Wicked Game

Lessey Chrissy – The Beacon

Lessey Chrissy – The Coven

Lessey Chrissy – The Hunted

Lette Kathy – Best Laid Plans

Linfoot Jane – Edie Browne’s Cottage by the Sea


Marsh Hollie – Tabby’s Big Year

Mansell Jill – This Could Change Everything

Mason Carol – The Secrets of Married Women

May Zoe – How (Not) to date a Prince

Mayfair Megan – The Problem with Perfect

Mawson – It’s a Bright World to Feel Lost In

McGurl Kathleen – The Forgotten Secret

Missen Belinda – An Impossible Thing Called Love

Moonbridge June – At the End of the Summer

Morrey Maxine – Coming Home to Wishington Bay

Moriarty Liane – The Husband’s Secret

Morris James – Feel me Fall

Moyes Jojo – Me Before You


Naidoo M – The Pelican

North Elaine – I Can’t Tell You Why


Owens Damien – Married to a caveman


Parks Samatha – The Summer House in Santorini

Particka Julie: Adventures in Online Dating

Pearse Lesley – Belle

Pedrick Clare – Chickens Eat Pasta

Picoult Jodi: A Spark of Light

Price Sarah – Belle

Pridmore Chris – The Last Child of Leif

Palmer D.G: Birth or the Mortokai

Prowse Amanda – The Art of Hiding

Prowse Amanda – The Idea of You



Rayman Lilly – An Unexpected Bonding

Rimmer Kelly – Before I let you go

Rimmer Kelly – Me Without You

Robinson Diane Mae – Sir Princess Petra’s Mission

Ryder Jess – The Good Sister


Sanderson Brandon – Oathbringer

Scott Eliza J – The Secret – Violets Story

Shepard Courtney – Unbalanced

Shotwell Em – Forget Me Not

Spalding Nick – Bricking It

Spires Elaine – Singles, Set, Match

Sylevester Maxine – Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy


Thompson Ian – Hector Reborn

Tierney-Bedord Holly – I will follow him

Trope Nicole – The Boy under the table




Wake Jules – From Rome with Love

Walker Noa C – You, Me and the Colors of Life

Winters Pepper – Tears of Tess

Wilson Kitty – The Cornish Village School – Second Chances




Zusak Markus – The Book Thief