When do you read?


Do you read in the morning at night, tucked up away avoiding all your responsibilities? At the moment I’m finding it harder and harder to fit in reading around just life in general, last year I just took a break from blogging, I just didn’t have the focus to include everything I wanted to in the day so I just found it easier to completely not focus on blogging at all. I was still reading though, just a bit less, and sometimes I think it’s just nicer to not have to focus on the review, this could also have something to do with the fact I’m fairly useless at taking notes while reading and until recently was also pretty awful at writing reviews straight away. (Since downloading an app to do all my scheduling for me I’m so much better!)

I used to pretty much take a book in my handbag nearly everywhere I went, waiting for a bus, awesome time to read, never quite got the hang of reading on the bus without wanting to vomit but hey live and learn. Basically though any opportunity there was to read I took it. It was even easier when I finally relented and got myself a Kindle, instead of huge clunky books taking up all the room in my bag, just whip out the Kindle and hundreds of books at my fingertips. Of course, I would then proceed to forget to charge it but that’s a whole other problem.

pile of books
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Now that I have to drive quite a bit more I thought Audiobooks would be the way to go but for the life of me I just can’t get myself into them, at first I thought it was just the voice of the reader, there wasn’t exactly anything wrong with it I just couldn’t focus. After a few more attempts though I had to come to the sad conclusion that I just get too distracted to be able to really follow a story through while listening, not driving didn’t really help either, it turns out unless I’m laying with my eyes closed my mind just seems to drift off on its own. Also didn’t help that people just assumed I was listening to music so it was fine to interrupt, apparently it’s a lot scarier to have the possibility of a book to come flying at you then just interrupting someone wearing headphones.

person writing on white book
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At the moment I manage to fit in reading right before bed, once I know I have nothing else to do and before I go to sleep, this also results in a lot less sleep as I don’t exactly like to stop at a certain time but hey that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make!

So when do you guys fit your reading in? Night/Day/Huddled in a corner avoiding everyone? Let me know!



Rating Systems When Reviewing Books


Golden stars rating template isolated on white background.

For any book blog, reviewing and rating books is an extremely big part of what we do, sure we create a place where we can share out love for books, have discussions on things we like/hate within a book, find and give recommendations, and basically relate anything and everything back to books, but it is the reviews that seem to be the staple of any book blog.

So how do we review? Every reviewer varies, in general, it’s all about stating your likes and dislikes whether you would recommend and analysis characters writing and plot. The easiest way to see if someone enjoyed a book is normally there star or number rating. Sites like NetGalley, Goodreads and Amazon have star rating systems out of five. For NetGalley the recommended rating system is below:

GoodReads and Amazon are pretty similar as well, with both of them using a similar 5-star rating system. Both of these are an easy visual to see just how much everyone likes a book. With these, it’s also easy to filter out any bad books by just looking at higher rated books, but the problem with these is that they still do lack consistency, what I mean by this is that everyone does rate things differently, for some a really highly rated book may only be a 4 star book while others will chuck out 5 star ratings for any they mostly enjoyed. There is nothing wrong with rating books in either of these ways, everyone has different preferences on what they like.

For me I use stars out of five, I do use ‘half’ stars to give a little more wiggle room in really how much I like a book, in fact I actually started off with a rating system out of 10 just because I wanted to have all the options available to really get into how I felt about something. To be honest I did end up feeling that perhaps that was a little too much just because after going through and deciding if a book were say a 7 or 8 star rating out of 10, I would then sit and debate if it should be a 7.5 or 7, and after  a while it just became tedious, how far can you really go with just numbers? This does become a problem when I go to add my review and rating to other sites as I usually just round up if they don’t offer half-star ratings (which is basically all of them haha). I know some people also have their own rating system which they clarify somewhere on their blog, that’s something I’m not quite there with yet, but I’m working on it!

How do you ‘rate’ your books? Numbers star or something completely different? Let me know!


What to do with Books once you have finished them?




So what should you do with books once they are read? Do you keep them? Throw them? Sell them? (Referring to paperbacks not E-books of course) Personally no matter if I hated the book I have a ridiculously hard time letting them go, which doesn’t really bode well for you know space to fill up with books that I have really enjoyed. It also has resulted in me having a multitude of books that I haven’t even touched just because they tend to get hidden behind others, so what can you do with books once you’ve finished with them?


Well I guess the first most obvious choice would be to keep them, build up your collection and have your very own personal library. This is something I do hope to have one day, just a room dedicated to books and of course an awesome reading nook to hide away in! This is not always practical though especially if you know your just never gonna read a certain book again.


Donate or sell, I’m not sure where you are but there are a few charity shops around my area that will gladly take used books, they also tend to sell books at a quite a cheap rate too so it’s easy to pick up a few more for your collection while your there. Selling is another option, although the books to tend to loose a fair amount of their value, you can always use any money you get back to buy more books!


Start you own book swap/community library. Now something that was started by my lovely community lately was our own very community library, now this is basically a little wooden bookshelf, which is of course enclosed against weather which is located in between a number of small shops. Anyone can go and get a book from the library, with the expectation that you will swap one for others to read. This leads to a ever changing rotation of books that everyone has access too! Starting your own may be hard but if you know a group of bookworms in your area this may be a great idea to get together and swap a few books. There is of course people who leave there books in a number of random places so someone is able to find and gain a new book.


Re-purpose them. There are so many arts and crafts that way more creative people than me have come up with, all of which turn you old read book into something new and exciting! These range from origami to clutch handbags to making your own paper. There are so many options! Now I am more than a little tempted to have a go at some of these at a later date but if anyone has done any let me know I would love to know how they went.


Re-gift them. Okay you probably can’t pass it off as a brand new book you have gone out and bought, but they could be gifted just as a ‘I was thinking of you’ present, or a ‘you need to read this book so I can talk about it with someone’ present. Maybe even a sorry I did something silly present. The possibilities are endless and you may end up with someone who either loves or hates the book as much as you. At the very least if they read it you will have something to discuss!

What do you do with books after you have finished them? Let me know!


What to do when a Sequel sucks



We’ve all been there. You find a book/movie/game/TV series or whatever it may be that you adore. It takes over your thoughts with just how amazing it is and then you find out that there is a sequel. If it’s out already you rush to purchase it, if it’s coming out in the future you wait with baited breath for the moment you can get your hands on it. As soon as it’s your’s it’s devoured only to find that you’re left more than a little disappointed. Of course this may still happen if you just kinda liked the first as opposed to an undying love but the point still stands the sequel for whatever reason sucks.

First of all breathe all is not lost, while disappointed there is a chance that your expectations were too high for the poor sequel to meet and some time and considerations may change your feelings. This includes taking a time out and coming back to it weeks maybe months later and really thinking about why you may of hated it so much, try to think of it’s good qualities (if there are any) and see if any of this changes your mind. Trying to see it outside of it’s predecessor may work as well, but is a lot more difficult as there usually intricately related. After this you will either reconsider and be willing to give it another change or it will reaffirm your initial reaction that it really wasn’t worth your time.

If your not one for waiting and you really want to deal with this straight away I would suggest finding reviews from others about how they feel about it. If it was truly awful you can be pretty sure there is someone out there making their feelings known, with this they may list their reasoning and you can be satisfied that it’s not just you, the sequel did just miss the mark. Alternatively you may find that people had the opposite reaction, they adore the very thing you loathe, this could be good for finding out why they had this response and you can either tentatively reconsider or respectfully disagree. Of course if neither of these work you can be the person to let the world know exactly how you feel and see the kind of responses you receive.

Thirdly don’t give up, there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation why this particular sequel was such a flop. Perhaps the pressure of producing something better was just too much stress for the poor author/producer/game developer. You never know the nervous breakdowns they may of experienced to produce something in which they hoped would top there first work. If this is the case there is a good chance that after some r & r they will come back stronger then ever to produce something new which will knock your socks of. If it’s not the last book in a series perhaps the next will turn it all around and you will forget that you ever hated its predecessor in the first place.

Of course you do have to consider that perhaps the original was a one hit wonder, nothing that comes after it is going to feel you with the same excited and awe. If this does become the only option then it’s time to let go accept what’s done is done and try to move on with your life. Alternatively you could refuse to acknowledge any sequels ever existed and live in a bubble of self denial but really whatever works for you.

What do you do when a sequel sucks? Let me know!