Author Showcase – Ariel McMillan

Hello again everyone, it’s that time of the week again for another Author Showcase! Today we will be looking at Ariel Mcmillan and her new novel ‘Pathfinders Rebellion’.

You can find it here on Smashwords!

About the Book

In the year 2055, Quest Landing and her hopeful teenage friends set out to stop a massive monopoly called Codingz to save an otherworldly group of people and the United States. Sixteen years earlier, the U.S. suffered a major economic depression after a massive technological boom. People began to let large corporations make all the decisions. Quest will show the country that Codingz is the enemy.

Quest Landing is celebrating her sweet sixteen in the year 2055. She’s a normal teen who lives for gaming and is on the honor roll. The biggest monopoly in the country is releasing a ground-breaking virtual reality game called Universal Gaming. The company is Codingz. Quest has been a diehard fan of the company’s games and his been following their progress as a company for as long as she can remember until she meets a strange teenage boy. He’s expressionless, quiet and very odd. The more Quest gets to know him, the more she learns about Codingz and the other worldly people she fights to help. She sets out to stop Codingz with her friends. This hopeful group of teens will stop at nothing to defeat Codingz.
Sixteen years earlier in 2039, the U.S. suffered a major economic depression after a massive technological boom. The rest of the world was struggling to keep up with the changes and the cost of living soared. Some blamed technology and others wanted compromise and a small but influential group welcomed and funded the new age. After the country scraped its way out of the depression, the government decided to break up the U.S. into districts so each political group could dictate their side of the country in a last ditch effort to create harmony between citizens. These districts separated the rich from the poor and the middle class hung somewhere in the balance. Years went by and people began to let large corporations make all the decisions.

About the Author:

Ariel McMillan learned fairly quickly that life is an adventure. Of course she is a real life mermaid. Her name required it. She loves to make music on the piano and her golden doodle Butterscotch.
Ariel was born in Massachusetts and moved to Florida when she was eight. A few years after moving to Florida, she began developing an interest in writing and was determined to become an author and didn’t let anything get in the way of that.
She loves classical music, tea and is addicted to soda. Her favorite genres when reading are dystopian, fantasy, romance and scifi novels.



Author Showcase – Ryan Marsh

Hi everyone and welcome to another Author Showcase! Today I will be showcasing author Ryan Marsh and his new debut novel Life on the Ant Farm. The release day for the novel was 11/08/17 so make sure you check it out to say you were one of the first!

Life on the Ant Farm is now available to buy Here

You can also keep up to date with Ryan on his website or make sure you check him out on Instagram @marshitis

About the Book

A story of many deep-rooted complexities, a story of contrasting dreams – this is the story of young Floyd. Immerse yourself.

Floyd wants so desperately to tell a civilian – any civilian – all about his clashing of dreams. Floyd had two dreams; one dream was constant and for the short-term, and one dream was ambitious and for the long-term. Floyd owned a Polaroid. Floyd adored his Polaroid. His Polaroid was his friend, his security. Floyd also had his witnesses. I can’t say too much else. Floyd’s orders. On that One Fine Evening at the House you shall be introduced to young Floyd. Allow him to tell you all about his complex tale. Immerse yourself.

Things to know about the book:

1. The novel is about a young man called Floyd who is trying to overcome his mental demons in order to become an independent crime photographer. He will do anything to become this photographer.

2. The novel is a dystopian take on modern life.

3. As well as being a work of fiction, I feel the novel raises awareness of mental health, eg; one young man has this dream however he needs to overcome his mental and external demons – something which happens to pretty much everybody in modern life.

Chapter Expert:

LIFE ON THE ANT FARM Copyright © 2017 Ryan Marsh


‘D-, don’t you have any dreams or aspirations, Marta?’ I humored with austerity, straightening my posture which means sitting uncomfortably on the ottoman.

Marta scooped up her Royal Doulton: Figure of the (can’t remember which) Year from off of the rich mahogany drawer and headed over towards the Food Prep room, o so theatrical, ‘Just good health, Floyd. Just good health,’ she replied, harmonious.

A short while after . . .

. . . my modus operandi: 2 go and severely convince the eternally-subservient Marta that I was severely indisposed with a severe case of the . . . no u just wait now and hold the bloody mobile flip-phone (!) as I can remember c when Marta abruptly-abandoned me I stretched the neck on my glitzy Rihanna crew tee and 2 I inspected my brittle shoulders so vigorously they couldn’t help but sparkle an I-really-do-adhere-2-myself gradient of infuriated caliente. Hmm, no, ha, no, maybe just stop. Hmm . . . could continue . . .

. . . I could continue to proceed with such an adrenaline-soaked passage but u c I’d rather avoid problematic nonsense. I must avoid. I must stop. Must stop now, I must stop . . . will stop . . . I think . . . I will . . . now.

Don’t want 2 go and get 2 over-indulgent and all self-referential in my own-self. C I’m not 2 certain if I want this 2 go and belong in the fiction works or the non-fiction works, hmm . . . no, you wait, tbh, not too sure, not 2 sure on the difference?!? Best stop now with the actual 2 . . . not literal enough, won’t achieve acclaim for the autobiographical or fictitious Life on the Ant Farm novel by brandishing the 2 around in order 2 come across so rebellious (like the Requiem for a Dream fellow) and no way, no! I won’t get 2 far by discriminating against to, two or too. Deter from the self-doubting, no more now; self-doubting portrays fractious signs of potential worthlessness.

There was this One Fine Evening at the House.

This One Fine Evening at the House: the mere hands of the clock. O no, the mere hands of the clock . . . hmm no, not 2day. Discontinue. I’m not introducing this impressionistic part of my narrative in such a bleak and cliché-ridden manner.

Once Marta floated off into the Food Prep room like a demonic fairy into a squatter’s dream, well u c it wasn’t long until Floyd, until Floyd was hanging off of the otto-, hmm, no, wait, no wait that’s, that’s just . . . accurate. C I was hanging off of the ottoman and this was an act of the pre-determined nature. No c I wasn’t accompanied by any of my witnesses. I had no idea as 2 where they were located at that time.

My witnesses:

I: The bashful Tyrannosaurus: a veteran member of the Non-Stuffed organization.
II: The primitive Paddington bear with the red boots and the red hat: a tribal warrior of the Stuffed organization.

They weren’t around. They weren’t being their deferential selves. I couldn’t see them anywhere. Marta had probably hid them somewhere and if I would have independently-interrogated her (under the beam of the Terzani) about her evasive actions then she may have referred to those evasive actions as being (essentially) just humor or quite simply just a game or something down those sorts of ridiculing lines. It was so possible that they’d been re-located way up the steps.

I put two and 2 together and thought they were in Floyd’s room – the two of them there side-by-side – ha, both of them, the Dynamic Duo – there swaying on the small-double like some nostalgic Buzz—Woody scene of mass hysteria, and in a synchronized manner they’d go, ‘Husssshhhh,’ if I was to just stroll into the room with my Polaroid unexpected.

On that One Fine Evening your protagonist was located in the Open room and centered mistakenly due 2 the harsh restraints in time; c I was almost directly underneath the interrogating beam of the Terzani stream – nearby Marta’s rich mahogany drawer – the exact rich mahogany drawer which held her (recently-snatched-off) Doulton – it also held her symmetrical companion which was her highly-regarded automated radio, kept balanced on top of a bulky stack of papers.

U c every Thursday I’d go through thought-out stages where I would attempt to break the automated radio or disable or damage it by pulling hard and rash at the papers underneath. The Thursday before that special One Fine Evening I had planned my execution with precision, yet due to an unexplainable blip in m-



Indie Author Showcase – Chris Pridmore

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another Indie Author Showcase! The author of today’s showcase is Chris Pridmore and his debut novel ‘The Last Child of Leif’.

Goodreads Synopsis:31805333

Forced from my home, I find myself fleeing from the evil forces that killed my father. My mother and Sebastian, our protector, are by my side — but for how long?

I soon find myself travelling with a circus led by a kindly man called Konrad, but my young mind doesn’t know who to trust. Sebastian seems less at ease with every passing day. I’m struggling to cope with the tragedy that has befallen me, and the world now seems a lot more dangerous than I had ever imagined.

My name is Prince Valiant, and I am a Child of Leif.

Getting to know Chris:

Chris Pridmore was born and raised in Harlow, Essex. He moved to Scotland to study chemistry at the University of St Andrews, and now lives in Llandudno, North Wales. In the past, Chris often thought about writing a book but always considered it a pipe dream. It wasn’t until he suffered a serious head injury that he decided it was time to stop dreaming and start doing. Three years later, after somehow finding time to write around work, getting a black belt in Karate, getting married and preparing for his second child, the first draft of his first book was finished.

– The book is an epic fantasy fiction story.

– The story is told from the perspective of the main character, as he looks back on his life from the gallows.

– I started writing the story after a close call with death which required brain surgery to fix.


“This book was free on kindle, but time can be precious and free isn’t everything . This book was worth the time to read an unrated book by an unknown author. I read a lot of fantasy and have a library of books started and unfinished in paper and on kindle. This was different, I felt I was in the moving circus, the world building was great and even though there are many characters the writer had the talent to let us get to know all of them. Sebastian, valiant and will have you fight in their corner. I am 85% through the book but wanted to leave a review so hopefully others will give the book a chance. Can’t wait to read the next book and more by the author . Coffee made now back to the last 15%!”

“Whilst browsing books to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I came across The Last Child of Leif and unexpectedly discovered that it was worth to read.
The book’s real strength is the way all the ideas fit together to produce a convincing and immersive world. A truly immersive world is created by Chris Pridmore, filled with a unique history and culture, both consistent and enthralling. The pace of the novel is balanced with time to get drawn in before immersing in the turmoil of events. It is very well written and each character has both strengths and flaws that make you angry with them, or annoyed. I do not think of this as bad. Prince Valiant and his protector, Sebastian thread their way through the entire plot, from the lethal effects of essence to the theological and philosophical discussions of moral issues. As you read on, you discover more and more about this well-crafted world, and its enchanting stuff.
I would definitely recommend this book. It takes you away from the humdrum of everyday life and takes you on an adventure that seems so realistic you can identify with it. This is definitely a book that makes me want to read more, to see what happens next and if the characters grow anymore.”

“I loved this book. The first sentence of the prologue gripped my attention and dragged me fully into the world Chris Pridmore has created and I remained fully immersed until the last full stop. In fact, I think part of me is still there, lingering around the carriages hoping to catch a whisper of what happens next!”

If you want to check out this book for yourself you can purchase here. Or if you want to know more check out his awesome website The Last Child of Leif it includes the first chapter as well as character backgrounds!

Also you can Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisPridmore or Facebook @thelastchildofleif.

If your an Indie author and would like to participate send an email through to with your name, the book you would like to showcase and three things you would like your readers to know and I will get back to you asap.

Indie Author Showcase – Erik Therme

Hi all and welcome to another Indie Author Showcase. The star of today’s showcase is author Erik Therme and his new novel “Roam”!

Getting to know the book:

Amazon Synopsis:

When Kevin finds Sarah stranded by the side of the road, he’s more than willing to give her a ride. Young, beautiful and distraught—she’s everything a single guy could ask for in a girl. What he doesn’t know is that she already has a guy: an abusive, drunken boyfriend who left her there in a fit of rage. And when that boyfriend comes back and finds Sarah missing, a simple ride will turn deadly.

Like Josh Gaylord and Daniel Kraus before him, author Erik Therme explores the angst of disconnected youth in his enthralling and powerful Roam. Therme’s darkly tinged novel is an unforgettable tale of three errant souls brutalized by life’s cruel circumstances, and a remarkable night of discovery and violence that will change them forever.

Getting to know Erik:

  • I’m a semi-compulsive organizer and can easily spend hours making spreadsheets, lists, or reorganizing the nooks and crannies of our house.

  •  My favorite novel is The Stand by Stephen King. King’s character development is always excellent, but there’s no question he raises the bar with this one.

  • My biggest (writing) fear is that I’ll fail my readers by producing sub-par work


5 Star Reviews for “Roam”

Image result for Five stars

‘Therme is gifted in creating suspense-filled tales. When you think you know what’s going to happen, it doesn’t, and when you least expect it, watch out. A banal car breakdown brings together three young lost souls whom society would consider losers, all searching for acceptance and meaning in their lives. Their experience that night, the night of Sarah’s birthday, will define their futures. And the ending… wait for it!’

‘Difficult to express how much I love this totally perfect, compactly-written, story. I loved it, loved it, loved it, finished it wanting to read it again immediately, and yes, it was a one-session straight readthrough. I’ve read the author’s earlier books, MORTOM and RESTHAVEN, and enjoyed them immensely, so I leaped to read ROAM, which blew me away with its entertainment value combined with thrills, suspense, deep human emotions, mild violence (primarily offscreen), date abuse, familial psychological abuse, and so much else. This was akin to standing before a painting in a museum and watching it come to life and portray a vignette of life. ROAM is excellent. Don’t miss it.’

‘This is my third novel I have read by Erik Therme and I loved it the most. I read this in one night. There was no way that I was going to put this down. The twists I did not see coming. It keeps you right on the edge and guessing throughout the entire novel. The characters are well developed. Anyone would be a fool to pass this novel up!’

As you can see it has some pretty awesome reviews already! Interested in the book? Purchase here, or alternatively you can find Erik on his website or follow on twitter @ErikTherme. If your interested in having a look at his other books you can find them here and here and if you have Kindle Unlimited your in luck as all three books can be found are part of the program.

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Indie Author Showcase #3 – Sojourner McConnell

Hi everyone and welcome to another Indie Author Showcase! Today I will be showcasing Sojourner McConnell and her book “Who’s that in the Cat Pajamas?” the first book in The Dolcey Series!

Amazon Synopsis:

When the wind brings the cries of children to her ears, Dolcey is spurred into action. Comforting and aiding children in need are her main focus. Welcome to Dolcey’s world. Welcome to a world of magic and endless possibilities. When Emily has a big problem, her family tries to help, but some problems need something special to make things right. Just when it seemed she was destined to be doomed, she discovers an unexpected savior- a magical cat that will lead her on a spectacular spectacle of an adventure like no other!

About Dolcey:

This is Dolcey, you will meet me in the book Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? Sojourner McConnell is bringing you the story of how my career began. It is a lovely story featuring Emily. In Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? you will find out exactly who I am and what I do when not dressed for work. You will also find out about my special job and why I do, what I do.

I know there are so many secrets, but you will find out a lot of them in the first book. I hope you will join me for the release which happened Friday. It is already on Amazon as a Paperback and eBook. I hope you will pick it up and leave a review.  This is Sojourner’s first children’s book and she is very excited.  Join me on Facebook and learn about new releases and celebrations

Here is an excerpt from the book: 
Dolcey moved from one end of the porch to the other, tail held high, pointed black ears perked forward, and silvery whiskers pointing straight at the front door. Twitching her cat whiskers was always tricky, but Dolcey was getting better and better as she strutted around. Purring and meowing enough to stir some compassion from the parents seems to be the hardest part, thought Dolcey.
“Emily, go get the milk and let’s get this boy somewhere warm.” Emily sped into the kitchen but Dolcey was no longer listening. Her fur was bristling as she glowered at Emily’s dad.
“Obviously, I am a girl,” she meowed with such ferocity that she almost scared herself.

In the book, you will also find out my next book’s title. Please join me for the celebration as the book goes live. The first week is going to be so exciting. I hope you join us for the fun.  I have already had one review and I was so excited to see that!
Dan Nimak rated it 
it was amazing
I love Dolcey, and the way she interacts with Emily is so sweet and caring. Moreover, I read this book to a six-year-old that our daughter babysits – and she loved it! A book that holds the attention of a kindergartner is five-star all the way. Fantastic ending.
If your an Indie author and would like to participate send an email through to with your name, the book you would like to showcase and three things you would like your readers to know and I will get back to you asap.

Indie Author Showcase – Mimi Francis

Welcome again to my Indie Author Showcase!

For today’s author I will be showcasing author Mimi Francis and her debut novel No Choice.



World War II ravaged countries, destroyed families, and decimated lives. It brought people together and tore them apart, changing lives in ways no one ever imagined.

Olivia Miller hadn’t felt alive since the death of her husband in the war, struggling to make it through each day without breaking down, convinced she’d never love again.

Nathaniel Scofield was a changed man, destroyed, hardened, a man teetering on the edge. He’d become something he hated in order to save his family, but he was done, no longer able to continue down the path to nowhere. He wanted out.

One more job and he was free, that’s what Nathaniel had been told. Who knew that one job would bring Olivia into his life and change everything? For both of them.

Getting to know Mimi:

I am a 40ish wife and mother of three. Four years ago, I starting writing fan fiction and, with the encouragement of friends, family and fans of my work, I decided to write a book. I wrote it last November during NaNoWriMo and self-published it on April 29, 2017. I’m a total nerd, love all things Marvel, the DC superheroes of the CW, and Supernatural. I’m an action flick kind of girl and mom who uses puns to make her kids laugh.


By the looks of it this novel hasn’t been out long but already has some amazing reviews!

Loved this story! It was exciting, mysterious, hot. I love this kind of “bad boy”. Never find them in real life lol. I hope there’s more to look forward to from this author.

I don’t normally read historical fiction, I prefer more modern settings that I can connect with. This one though had me hooked. I love every bit of it.
This is a debut novel from an author that is definitely one to watch.
I thought she was quickly able to draw me into a story that was both engaging and addictive. I liked the way she was able to not only highlight the sensitivities of Olivia’s life but to also allow us to understand the emotional turmoil that she has both been and continues to experience.
You can find her debut novel here or follow her either @ or Twitter: @author_mimi.
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Indie Author Showcase – Kitty Boyes

Welcome to my very first Indie Author Showcase!

For today’s author we are featuring Kitty Boyes and her book ‘The Sins of Our Mothers’ which is the first in a three book series.

The Sins of our Mothers (Arina Perry Series #1)


Romantic thriller – Set on the coast of Western Australia. Arina returns from the city to a town she fears hates her. Her mother’s secrets have become vicious rumours and Arina is determined to quell them coupled with a vision to restore her inherited motel. She meets Matt, a handsome stranger on her journey, and falls in love. But it’s not easy facing lies, secrets and an ultimate deceit. She can’t tell who her enemies are from her family and friends. But she finds out. The hard way. The old motel holds its own secrets including a deep dark cellar in the gardeners’ flat that reveals another darker, more sinister secret; a secret that a few are willing to do anything to get their hands on. Including murder.

Getting to know Kitty

Recently semi-retired through redundancy I pulled an old manuscript out of my filing cabinet, written on a typewriter 25 years before. I dusted off the cobwebs and decided to rewrite it to my computer. In the process I decided to make a few changes and suddenly I had a whole new story. I self published it to Amazon and shared it with my FB friends. I received  amazing responses that I didn’t expect, but made me do happy jigs. Several of my friends told me they felt there should be more. So I wrote book two ‘Her Father’s Daughter’.
E-book sales are minimal, but I order paperbacks from Createspace and sell them locally. These have been well received and I sell more this way although it’s limiting, geographically. Merchandising is the hardest part of writing as is editing, two things I hadn’t initially figured into my love of writing.But I push on with a vision to become a best seller someday.
I love the whole writing arena, I get lost in my own little world and smile in wonder sometimes at where it all comes from, especially when a twist to the plot presents itself that moves the story on and creates another aspect, another discovery, or another dilemma that must be faced in the journey my protagonist is on. I like red herrings yet limit them so my readers aren’t bamboozled with a lot of characters. My very favourite review, being verbal, a PM message, a phone call or an email, is when I’m told that they couldn’t put my book down. I’ve been phoned and told off because one lady had so much other stuff to do and only picked my book up to read a few chapters.I held her up for hours! YAY!
I personally have not read this book yet though it’s definitely been added to by tbr, I have however stolen some 5 star reviews already written from Amazon, so far the book has only gotten 4 and 5 star reviews.

For a first novel I must say I am impressed. This story has all of the components a great book requires. Love – Romance – Suspense & Mystery. When you start reading you think your in for a beautiful story of young love in a small country town, but it turns out to be so much more than that. I found myself wanting more and I couldn’t read fast enough to find out exactly what was going to happen next. You think you know where there story line is leading then – BAMMM! – nope you were completely wrong. I found this novel very enjoyable and found myself wanting more as it ended.

Overall – Great Book – A great read – Definitely recommend buying/reading!

This story is full of intrigue, suspense & keeps you reading. I loved the characters, the setting & the mix of history that is woven through the book.
If you would like to follow Kitty on her blog you can follow her here and if you would like to purchase from Amazon you can find the link here.
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