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Indie Author Showcase – Erik Therme

Hi all and welcome to another Indie Author Showcase. The star of today’s showcase is author Erik Therme and his new novel “Roam”! Getting to know the book: Amazon Synopsis: When Kevin finds Sarah stranded by the side of the road, he’s more than willing to give her a ride. Young, beautiful and distraught—she’s everything… Continue reading Indie Author Showcase – Erik Therme

Mystery, Thriller

The Sixth Window – Rachel Abbott

“In the case of suicide, all those close to the deceased would feel the weight of guilt, whether it was deserved or not.”  ― Rachel Abbott, The Sixth Window The Sixth Window is book number sixth book in the Crime/Thriller Series by Rachel Abbott.  After eighteen months of grieving for her husband, Bernie, killed in a hit and run, Natalie… Continue reading The Sixth Window – Rachel Abbott