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The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

“None of us ever know all the possible courses our lives could have and maybe should have taken. It’s probably just as well. Some secrets are meant to stay secret forever. Just ask Pandora.” Goodreads Synopsis: At the heart of The Husband’s Secret is a letter that’s not meant to be read My darling Cecilia,… Continue reading The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

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A Year of Second Chances – Buffy Andrews

“And you couldn’t believe that such a large and beautiful shell could be found on such a busy beach. That people had walked by and, apparently, no one had noticed it or, if they had, thought it worthwhile picking up” Goodreads Synopsis: When Scarlett comes across a box containing her most precious items from her… Continue reading A Year of Second Chances – Buffy Andrews