50 Ideas for your Book Blog


Lately, I have found myself just having time to post my albeit not very long book reviews, I don’t think I have posted anything but a book review and the occasional author interview for quite a while. This is mainly due to time restrictions and I’m really having a great time reading so many awesome books that’s just mainly what I have wanted to focus on.

However at the start of the year while I was still having the inspiration to be extremely organized I sat down and wrote myself a whole lot of things I did want to include for the year. So instead of letting them sit in my draft pile not to be touched for the foreseeable future, I have decided to compile them into a post in case anyone else liked the idea. I find with discussion posts especially everyone has such a different take or differing opinion that it’s great to see just what everyone else is thinking on differing topics. So here is a list of a whole heap of things to maybe include on your book blog and if you have any other ideas comment below!

  1. A book review! I guess this is the most obvious one, review a book you have recently read.
  2. Participate in a readathon. There are so many readathons throughout the year with so many different aspects included.
  3. Participate in a Bookish Meme. There are so many different Meme’s to participate in every day of the week! Check out this to see a master list of different Memes.
  4. Participate in a reading challenge. This could be something like an A – Z challenge of authors or maybe just reading different books outside of your comfort zone.
  5. Participate in a Book Tag. You don’t have to be tagged to participate, just choose one that interests you and go for it! Here is a list of 100 different book tags.
  6. Let everyone know a little about yourself, dedicate a post to you, your hobbies interests anything you think someone might want to know.
  7. Dedicate a post about your blog, how did it come about, how has it changed, what was your inspiration?
  8. Do a post about your favorite books, how long have they been your favorite, have any new ones been added recently?
  9. Dedicate a post to your TBR, how fast is it growing what has been on there the longest?
  10. What’s your favorite book series or author? This could be a great way to find out about similar book series as well!
  11. Do you prefer traditional books, e copies or audiobooks? How have your reading habits changed?
  12. Dedicate a post to other bloggers you admire, this is a great way to show appreciation as well as everyone to get introduced to new bloggers they may not of known about.
  13. List a summary of everything you have read that month including links back to your posts, a great way to provide a condensed summary.
  14. Where do you read? Do you read on the bus, at home, whenever you can?
  15. What types of books do you most enjoy, is there a particular genre that you dedicate your reading time too or do you like to switch it around depending on how you’re feeling?
  16. How does your review process work? Do you take notes, write your review straight away, or dedicate a certain time each week to write your reviews?
  17. Where do you keep all your books, do you hoard them in different rooms, only have them on your kindle, hide them all over the house?
  18. How do you get your books, are you buying books on special, only visiting NetGalley, Kindle Unlimited?
  19. Do you ever give away your books? Lend them to friends? How do you feel about people borrowing books from you?
  20. What do you do when you don’t like a book? Do you write the review or do you only want to focus on positive aspects?
  21. What’s a book that’s made you emotional, happy or sad or maybe books that have just really had an effect on you?
  22. What have you done when a book has disappointed you, do you give the author another chance, if it’s in a series do you continue the series?
  23. Participate in a blog tour, these are a great way to keep you on schedule as well as getting to see all the latest books coming out. Rachel’s Random Resources is a great resource to get started.
  24. Shine a spotlight on an author, you can include an interview of all about their latest works.
  25. How do you schedule your blog, is it something you sit down and plan or do you review and write when you have time?
  26. Do you have any quotes from books that you just adore? Include a list and see if anyone has similar quotes.
  27. Do a guest post or collaboration with another blogger, this is a great way to meet fellow bloggers.
  28. What have you learned since you have started blogging, what has surprised you the most?
  29. Let everyone know what got you into reading, was it something that you just loved as a child, or is it something that you have grown into as an adult.
  30. Make your own Tag or Book Meme, is there always something you wish to be answered or want to participate in, make it yourself!
  31. Participate in a Cover Reveal, not only do you get to see an awesome book cover before anyone else, you get to show it off to all of your followers.
  32. Write about a topic that you would like to see more of in books, why is it important to you and why do you think it should be included more?
  33. Book Hauls! Show everyone what you have managed to get hold of within the last month!
  34. How do you feel about books that have been made into movies, are there any movies that have got you to go back and read the book?
  35. How did you come up for the name of your blog? Is there a meaning behind it or was it the first thing that came to your mind as you were setting up your blog?
  36. Who do you feel is an underrated author, let everyone know why they should check them out.
  37. What are your book-reading habits, do you read a book all at once, only read before bed?
  38. Give a tour of your bookshelf, whether it be virtual or real, is there a certain way that you organize everything?
  39.  Become part of an online book club, you may be surprised at what books you can get introduced to.
  40. Are there any characters that have affected you more than you would have thought they could? Who has stuck with you long after you have put the book down?
  41. Are there any books you think everyone should read at least once in their lifetime? Make a list and let everyone know.
  42. Create alternative titles for books that you love, is there anything you think has been titled incorrectly?
  43. What draws you to a book? How often do you judge a book by its cover?
  44. Do you have your own booktube account, link the account or let everyone know who you love to watch.
  45. Include a post, not anything to do about books, what’s been going on in your life or is there a particular issue that you feel needs more attention.
  46. Do you re-read books, why why not, is there any books that you will never get sick or rereading?
  47. Is there anywhere that you would love to visit, just from reading a book?
  48. What to do in a book slump? How do you manage to get yourself up and out of the dreaded book slump?
  49. Are you also a writer, showcase that writing!
  50. Make lists of all the things you want to be blogging about but never seem to have the time!

Leave a comment down below of your ideas!