2022 – How on earth has it been two years since I last blogged!

Happy New Year!!

So it’s been a hot minute since I have updated this blog, in fact, my last post was pretty much an apology for not having posted in a considerable amount of time and that was in November 2020. This really does seem like a lifetime ago now.

Now there are a lot of reasons why I have not returned to this blog, however, the most simple one being is that I have barely read a book in nearly two years now, I say barely I am currently on book 6 of the WOT series and there have been a few books in between but really compared to a few years ago, it’s nothing at all. I could blame this on life the fact we have been in a pandemic or a whole host of other reasons but I think I just lost that spark for reading, I haven’t been looking forward to any books coming out or looking up any books in particular in genres that I enjoy reading and when I have read a book I definitely had no desire to blog about it. I just kinda figured it would be something I get back to eventually, Honestly I didn’t really put much thought into it until I was thinking of what I wanted out of this year and one of my main things was I wanted to read a whole lot more.

After that, I logged back onto here and saw just how long ago it was when I did the last update, it also showed me just how long ago I even started this blog a good 5 years ago now, which just seems crazy especially when my initial goal was 100 books in a year and I started in April! It made me remember how excited I was to go searching through Netgalley, how I got to meet a whole lot of new people who loved books just as much as I do and were more than happy to discuss for hours as well as give recommendations to so many more books that my TBR honestly got out of control. So as one of my new year resolutions it is to try and update this once a week. Now, this may not be book related at the moment I still have not got back that ability to read quite as much as I used to, I’m not totally sure I even have the time anymore (seriously how did life get this busy haha), it may include general life updates, it may include new recipes or my attempts at gardening or learning the keyboard, I just want to write something and the more books that includes the better!

Anyway, Happy New Year, I know the last few years especially have been rough but I want to wish everyone that reads this a year that you are able to achieve all of your goals and I hope to be talking to you all soon!


9 thoughts on “2022 – How on earth has it been two years since I last blogged!

  1. Happy New Year! Its absolutely ok that you don’t feel like or get down to reading as much as before. Particularly with the way things have been the last two years everyone’s been having different reactions. Hope you’re enjoying your cooking and gardening!

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