Problems of the Mood Reader

I am currently finding that I seem to be in a reading state of Limbo, which is confusing for oh so many reasons. What I mean by this is that although I have time and genuinely want to be reading, I’m not really in the mood for any particular genre or type of book. Odd right? I wouldn’t exactly call it a reading slump as I have been happily looking through lists of potential books to read, I want to read I do I just can’t find a book that has taken my fancy. This is very different to reading slumps of old where I avoided books like the plague. Let me try to explain some more of what I mean.

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At any given time I will only really read what I feel like reading and to a certain extent this does correlate with my mood, maybe I’m in a super happy, carefree type of mood, I would probably choose to read a nice cheesy romance, you know the ones where you of no doubt of the plot from the get go but that’s okay your just along for the ride. Perhaps I would be in a more serious type of mood I might pick up a psychological thriller, or depending on what’s been going on in the world I might pick up a book which I know will be exploring more complex issues. If I’m feeling sad I would also probably pick up a romance or chick lit just to lift my spirits and sometimes I feel like you know what let’s get something highly emotional that you know will end in tears but let’s do it anyway. My point being although it’s not exactly a highly scientific method for reading it’s generally how I pick my next book.

Now this is normally something that I don’t really think about, I know some bloggers like to know what they’re reading next, when they have to have reviews out and have it more down in a list like format. While I don’t really have a schedule of a plan I tend to be more conscious of books that I know have a deadline and will be more likely to read them when I next feel like reading that kind of book, as opposed to making sure I read it next. While perhaps not the most effective method in the world it is the one that works for me.

The problem I’m having at the moment is that the mood I’m in is more of a ‘why is my dam tooth still hurting please don’t make me go to the dentist again, and why on earth have they not come to fix the dishwasher yet, I’m really beginning to despise dishes’ sort of mood, and apparently I can’t find a book to match it! Funny that. It also probably doesn’t help that last week there is a slight chance I got a little bit click happy on Netgalley and have found myself with a nice pile of books to read, none of which I currently feel like reading. Oops. Perhaps this is a reading slump just a different type then I have experienced before, who knows, I just hope I find that magical book soon!

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Does anyone else have this problem? Are you more likely to read a book based on your mood or because you know you should be reading it to make a deadline etc…? How often does your mood affect what you read next? Let me know 🙂 

11 thoughts on “Problems of the Mood Reader

  1. That’s exactly how I read too. I don’t get caught up in making myself read any particular book, unless I’m part of a Goodreads reading challenge that involves a group of people counting on me to do so, and I space those out because that can be exhausting.

    The problem with getting click happy on NetGalley is it immediately brings your percentage down, which might make it more difficult to get a book you really do feel like reading right now. Maybe that goes away with time–I’ve only recently signed up with them.

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    1. True I will occasionally read a book I don’t feel like if someone is counting on me but not very often.

      At the time I really didn’t think I would get accepted for as many books as I did, luckily I was all up to date before that which may of encouraged the clicking spree so it hasn’t dropped too much but I know what you mean I would hate for that magical book to turn up now and get rejected cos of last weeks spree!

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  2. For me it is the same. I think I have 2 reasons tho. I have too many books that I want to read and review but then when I start checking the synopsis I cannot decide which one to start. And then there are the promised reviews and NetGalley which puts pressure and I makes me not want to read 😦 What I usually do is I took a day or two off and then go back to reading 🙂

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    1. I definitely flick through different synopsis’s trying to find the one that sounds best at the time, but usually that doesn’t help. I’m avoiding logging into Netgalley at the moment, that way I know I won’t request anything else!

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  3. Oh, I know this feeling…I was really into contemporary for a few months and I’m supposed to read a few for this month as my TBR…but now I’m not even feeling them. And they are good books – great even! I just can’t…I really want to read a fantasy book ha-ha! I buy SO many books…and then don’t choose! It honestly gives me such anxiety to choose ha-ha! But I have two kinds of books I’m wanting to read right now, so I’m just going to go for it and disregard the monthly TBR post for the next week ha-ha! I think this is a rather common thing. I even get like this deciding my meals or what show to watch…ugh, the agony!

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  4. Oh, my mood affects me all the time. I usually write a list of books that I want to read in a particular month but I have never been able to stick with it. Whenever I finish a book, I would browse my bookshelf and pick the next book that I suddenly feel like reading. It sucks because I have problem meeting deadlines sometimes and the reason is that I can’t seem to be able to bring myself to read the book that originally requested. That doesn’t mean that the book is bad. Instead, it is just me not being in the mood to read it.

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  5. Completely understand. Most of the time I have no idea what book I’m going to read next until I start browsing through my kindle library, even then I can download book ready to start and think ‘actually, really not in the mood for that’ and end up choosing something different. The only time I specifically know what I’m reading is when there is a new book in a series coming out by one of my favourite authors and I have to be ready for it as soon as it hits my kindle, sometimes this involves rereading the series beforehand in preparation.

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